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    Hello, Tao bums. I recently stumbled upon Taoism while browsing Reddit bored at work. It fits my previously nebulous beliefs so well and connects everything together. I've read some things and am already learning much about myself and how some of the things I do are resisting the Tao. Most of all, I've been trying my best to let go and go with the flow and the few times I've really been able to have been so peaceful and happy. At work I used to seethe inside when someone made a mess of a counter I'd just cleaned, I'd tell myself, "It's not important, I'm sure it wasn't intentional." I was trying to let it slide off me, and now I realize why that didn't work. When that same thing happened today at work it didn't affect me at all because I'm not trying anymore. The Tao is just customering messily and that's the way it is. Anyway, sorry for the wall of text and once again, greetings! Edit: I'd like to add that I associate with the older style Taoism that's more of a philosophy. My Jury's still out on whether or not there is a god or higher power. For me there is simply the path.