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    Hi, Yes, I feel the difference when i stop thinking any negativity including sexual thoughts. This helps a lot to keep a good habit going. The destructive force is when one keep wanting a release when one encounters the slightest form of stress. Let's see how it turns out.
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    Hi Safi & everyone, I guess I will tell my experience regarding retention. The longest retention i had was 2 weeks in the recent times. I have an ankylosing spondylitis (similar to rheumatoid arthritis but occurs usually from young age), and this cause a setback for this retention practice. My body would be quite tense/twitchy which I think that the inflammation on my body was increasing. The most intense pain was my back which i had the most arthritis problem there. Another discomfort was that I wasn't able to concentrate and my thought process become convoluted. I am also doing a MCO everyday however, my meditation became too hard and unnatural during the longer days of retaining. Libido was greatly increased at day 5 onwards, however at around a week later i felt that my sex drive became stagnant. The reason for releasing was that my body became uncomfortable and painful that it was unproductive for work. I was also became extremely moody the longer I retained. I also have gastric issue, and for some reason it was also elevated during more retention. After release, my inflammation was completely gone, and everything came back normal again. But i still want to do retention since I also felt the benefit from it such as I became more peaceful, more chi but felt some blockage. Too much ejaculation would also harm my body, as I feel quite weak, therefore I opt to never ever have any sexual thought in the future as when it comes it becomes uncontrollable. I am in the mid 20 btw. Please give a feedback on what I should do for an easier retention process. +
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    Hi guys, Well, I have been reading a lot of stuff from this forum and I have learnt a lot from it. I'm still quite new to this, but I have learnt MCO 3 years ago and opened up the orbit about a year ago with on and off practice routine. I seem to gain insights and wisdom from this practice alone. However, I still haven't be able to regain a full health from my back pain which was hereditic. At the current time, i'm going to learn some yoga and qigong movement which hopefully will give a faster recovery. I'm looking forward to learn more from you guys.