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  1. Panendeism denotes a "watchmaker" aristotelian principle making God who is the whole universe, but also transcends it. He doesn't interfere with the world as a theistic God would (Christianity, Islam, Judaism). The word is in no way incoherent and it denotes concepts such as the native American Great Spirit (Wakan Tanka). And how the word looks or sounds like is completely unimportant. Ontological principle denotes something like the heraclitean logos - a cosmic law which pervades everything.
  2. So is the Dao a concsiouss being, as a God, or an intelligent force, as an ontological principle? Or both, as a pan-en-deistic God?
  3. ...

    I've been a vegetarian for 11 years. I'm 20 now, so I don't really know how it affects me because it's my natural state. I'm healthy, never had major health problems.
  4. Near Death and Out of Body Experiences

    I hope you wont mind if I "resurrect" this topic. I think it's better than starting my own. I have a question regarding NDEs: - People usually see a consciouss Light, who answers their questions and instructs them Is this light the Dao? Is the Dao intelligent/consciouss?
  5. Paganism and Daoism?

    My girlfriend is also Wiccan ^^ And I really enjoy what they do! Great people!
  6. the model for a doable anarchy?

    Da means yes in my language Anarchy means letting nature take its flow.
  7. the model for a doable anarchy?

    Neo-tribalism posits that the internet and social networking is a form of a virtual tribe. I believe the best examples for existing anarchy can be found in peaceful tribal communities. This text inspired me and made me smile, I hope it will be interesting for you too -
  8. Paganism and Daoism?

    Personally, I value modern Druidism a lot. Why? - There is no dogma, you can be a pantheist, monotheist, polytheist, deist... etc. - They highly value philosophy, ethics, art, spirituality, nature and personal value and choice - A druid is often described as a sage, a scholar, poet, spiritual wise man and one who knows a lot You can read more here:
  9. I don't think that Western science and philosophy is all good. It has some very serious and major setbacks. Alas, so does Eastern science and philosophy. If we talk about spirituality, then seek the native tribes of Africa, South America, Asia, Australia... They know.
  10. So the Dao didn't just create and tune the world, but it is the world and its actively participating? I know what those concepts are, it's just hard to pin down the Dao. I'd call it pantheism or panentheism mixed with animism/panpsychism.
  11. So I've been thinking... If the Dao is the path, principle, way of the Cosmos, its logos, then it means that it actually controls everything or sets rules for it to develop. Doesn't that imply at least some form of intelligence to the Dao? Not as an intelligent being, but as an intelligent energy or principle, however you translate it. If not like that and if the Dao is a part of everything, then that means that everything, every part of existence, has the innate ability to know its "course" or "principle." Does that imply a form of panpsychism? That everything possesses at least some form of a "program" or "intelligence" in itself? Maybe I just got the whole thing wrong, but nevertheless, I would be glad to stand corrected and to learn something. And yes, I know, the true Dao is ineffable in its entirety, but this is just an attempt to understand at least a small part of it. Bear with me!
  12. Sports, martial arts, music, playing music, any art basically, watching an exciting movie, hanging out with people, riding a bike... Anything that requires either physical or mental effort...
  13. Plato and Diogenes

    Are we talking about Diogenes of Sinope? The Dog? That was one crazy mot... man! It's hard to say what he meant. Maybe he wanted to warn Plato that he didn't see all aspects of the cup. Maybe it was a joke.
  14. Documentaries about Taoism