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  1. I never say I am better than anyone, I merely say that one should avoid the pleasuring of the senses in order to attain clarity in life as old green would point out..
  2. If a woman truly has an evolved soul, she would be wise not to get herself involved with material relationships. I know many female spiritual gurus who do not let themselves be polluted by men. It is not just the Christian faiths who eschews detachment from sexual relations. Every religion and spiritual path on this planet tells us to avoid sexual relationships. Even Taoism tell us the highest paths is to go to the mountain tops and cut yourself off from humanity completely, If you read Opening the Dragon Gates by Wang Liping, you will have an understanding of what the highest path of Taoism look like. It talks about the three Daoist Hermit masters of Wang Liping and how they criticize the mundane trappings of the so-called city life and civilization. In other words, it is better to be selfish and pure than to be unselfish and impure. Selfishness can be a pure act if you are selfish from a spiritual point of view. Eg if you are concerned with your own individual ascension and enlightenment rather than other people's ascension and enlightenment. I have seen many people who go out to the city and preach about god, ascension, enlightenment, etc but they are hardly enlightened themselves. Is this act of "unselfishness" this act of spreading the word of god and enlightenment a pure, spiritual act then? It is really better for any one, any master to keep to himself and avoid the masses regardless if that hermit is still a seeker or has already accomplished full enlightenment. If you are not enlightened yet, then what right do you have to go about in the city and spreading enlightenment among the masses? If you are already enlightened, then why do you want to risk trouble and hardships by letting the bad karmic energies of the masses pollute your enlightened being? Material existence exist because the heavens want to test us. The heavens test us every second of the day. Once upon a time, there is a man who lust after every material thing in life but he can't get anything he wants due to the fact that he ignores the teachings of enlightenment. Yet after he attains the teachings of enlightenment, every material thing which he ever wanted in life falls into his laps yet he remains unmoved by any thing at all. Why is that? Because he knows heavens is watching him every moment of his life, all the devas, gods, elementals, angels are watching his thoughts every moment of his life and the moment he falls down again to his base material desires, all his bad karma which he had erased would return ten fold to him.
  3. Ahhh but it is easier to clean yourself when you are avoiding dirt than to clean yourself when you are immersed in dirt? Wouldn't you agree?
  4. If the yogis, daoist hermits and yamabushi mountain hermits eschews a life of physical detachment completely devoid of your so-called "healthy relationships" as the ideal method of spiritual attainment, then I don't see why a common man like you who had not even attain any semblance of spiritual achievements should think that your advice is much better than the yogis, daoist hermits and yamabushi mountain hermits of asia.
  5. Clearly a lack of understanding regarding karma. The best situation for a true spiritual seeker is for him to engage in a lifelong solitary silent retreat.
  6. Karma is not just action. It is also about impulses, motivations, agendas, Ever seen two pretty women and ever wonder why you feel like shagging one woman more than the other? Most probably because you have more karmic connections with that one woman rather than the other woman.
  7. Why not project love and joy as a shield AND keep yourself physically detached from humanity and as far away from humanity as possible? Why do you think TPTB has created urban civilizations in such a way in every country that it would be more profitable materially for humans to live in cities than in the farms and rural areas? (Rural areas and farms have been losing too many of their young ones to the cities for many decades now) When a group of thousands, millions of people live in a city, their thought-forms influence each other and their behavior begin to resemble each other more and more. It is like bees living in a bee-hive all belonging to the same group-think, group consciousness and it would be much harder for an individual to think differently outside of society's rules. I have lived in both cities and in the rural areas and I am telling you right now. When I live in a rural area, it is much easier for me to recognize the game of never-ending desires and attachments which most city people are playing. More importantly when I live far apart from the cities and humanity, it is much easier for me to act on getting myself out of the game after recognizing the illusionary nature of maya. The game of getting more material goods so that you can get more women or attract more men. The game of going to pubs and clubs on the weekends so you can meet more sexual partners. The game of trying to meet more people so you can network and know more people who can help you move up in the career ladder and/or meet more sexual partners. Women network to know more men who can help their career or marriage candidates with money and power. Men network to know more people who can help their career or women who can give them a quick fuck. The more material goods a woman has, the more beautiful a woman can become by getting the next fashionable dress, handbag, jewellery, cosmetics and plastic surgery. The more material goods a man has, the more women he can fuck by giving such women the next fashionable dress, handbag, jewellery, cosmetics and plastic surgery. And obviously, I have not even talked about food yet. The only thing more pleasurable than sex is food and of course the more material goods and money you have, the more you can pleasure your taste buds.The richer a man is, the more he can offer food to pleasure the taste buds of women and get sex in return. The more attractive a woman can get by spending on dresses, handbags, jewellery, cosmetics and plastic surgery, the more she can get men to feed her food or even better, spend all those money on getting the food to satiate her taste buds herself. All these time and energies which you waste on pleasuring your senses and acquiring more material goods and money so that you can pleasure your senses. All these time and energies which can be used to help you connect with your inner god is lost and one day, you die and you lose all your material goods and money. Of course if you are lucky, you may get reincarnated as a human again but this time you might be a very poor man who will not so easily find the material goods and money to pleasure your senses so much. You might even be reborn as an animal which would be sacrificed to pleasure the senses of other humans instead. What a load of bull.
  8. Being good is different from being pure. What is good and what is bad? Do you consider society's standards of what is good or bad to be the standard for everyone? Have a good job, be a good father/husband, do no good deeds? There are many "good" people on this planet but they have "impure" thoughts. I would rather be "pure" than to be "good" even if some people think that my "purity" is more "evil" than "good" Let me give you an example. There is this chinese immortal woman who fell from the heavens above because she wanna have a love relationship with a mortal man but this immortal-mortal relationship is against the rules of heaven. So the heavens punish this couple by separating them forever. Now some might call the heavens "evil" for separating this couple who is madly in love. Some might think it is "good" to let two people fall in love and "evil" to separate a couple madly in love. But in the eyes of heavens, all material aspects of life on earth but especially the concept of material love between man and woman is considered to be "impure". The concept of material love between man and woman is considered to be the "most impurest" state of existence of all because it perpetuates the cycle of rebirth and death. So you can say all couples in love, married and having kids to be "impure". All those movies and dramas encouraging couples to fall in love and get married and have kids and be happy with material lives are actually encouraging humanity to be happy with the "impurity" of material life as much as possible. So as I said, I would rather be "pure" and "evil" than to be "good" and "impure".
  9. Very wise words, greenful guru. But you forget that emotions get involved when you have family and friends around you and when emotions get involved, karmic energic transfers will eventually take place. Especially when your friends and family members are of much lower consciousness than you are. Shakyamuni Budhha should have lived a much longer life than he did but he died early comparatively because he took on the bad karma of too many disciples and seekers. This is also why many spiritual seekers fail to find the right high-level spiritual masters when they go on pilmigrages to the East. Most high-level masters upon seeing the extremely bad karma of spiritual seekers would hide themselves even before such spiritual seekers get within 10 miles. A lot of people claim shakyamuni preached the Middle Path but all forget that he undertook a long period of austerity. Well this long period of austerity of pain and suffering actually wiped out all the bad karma Shakyamuni Buddha is supposed to suffer as a King of his Kingdom, as a Husband and as a Father. Many think that life as a President or a CEO is a bed of roses. But it is not. When you are the head of a state or corporation, you have lesser time for spiritual cultivation and more headaches of the material life to overcome because you are dealing with the karma of many thousands and ten of thousands of lives.
  10. This shows how little you know about the laws of karmic energy transfers. When a more evolved soul (spiritual masters, gurus, etc) have sex or long-term relationships with less evolved souls (the common people found in cities), it is always the less evolved souls who benefit from such sexual or long-term relationships. What do the more evolved souls get in return? Momentary moments of pleasures? This is why all the true spiritual masters advocate detachment from the senses and all things material. Are you saying that all the true spiritual masters who advocate detachment from the senses and all things material including Shakyamuni Buddha himself who threw away his wife, children and kingdom are afraid of his wife, children and his kingdom? If so, then you can say I am just as afraid as all the true spiritual masters shakyamuni buddha and jesus christ in history of bad karma transfers from the less evolved, more polluted souls on this earth. The Lord Buddha once said that it would be better that your penis be stuck into the mouth of a poisonous snake than into a woman's vagina. It would be better that your penis be stuck into the mouth of a black viper than into a woman's vagina. Clearly he likens all vaginas to be even worse than poisonous snakes. When one is living in a land of poisonous snakes, it is natural to recognise and appreciate the fear one has for poisonous snakes. However, this doesn't mean that one should let the fear get hold of you. One should just recognize that this fear represents the danger posionous snakes/vaginas hold for spiritual seekers, confront this danger headhold and eliminate this danger bravely like how martial artists defend themselves against physical assaults. Does this prove that all martial artists are afraid of physical assaults or that all spiritual gurus/hermits/monks are afraid of bad karma transfers from dirty polluted women? Hey if so, I would rather be fearful yet conscious of the dangers poisonous snakes/vaginas pose to my spiritual progress than to be brave and blindly/stupidly be polluted by bad karma transfers from the poisonous snakes/women in the world like how 99% of the world's men are doing? Some master once told me that most women are looking to marry men because they want to suck the sexual energies of men just like how men want to suck off the sexual energies of women. However, because a lot of women stay at home just looking after children and men have to face the stresses of both their workplace and home, this is why a lot of men die sooner than their wives. EDITED
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  12. Talking and discussing about the ways to avoid bad karma doesn't mean I am afraid of bad karma. I am not afraid to use my machete to cut down a home intruder for eg if that intruder insists on invading the privacy and security of my own personal sanctuary even though killing is of bad karma. Detachments is not only done on the mental and astral levels. One has to be detached in all levels including and espeically physical levels.
  13. Dear Mods, is it a rule that posters can't sign out of their accounts. I can't sign out of my account and if this continues to be an issue, I would rather you guys delete this account because I do not wish to be logged into the taobums 24/7. If the sign out option is made invalid for my account, then please delete this account. Thank you.
  14. Avoiding the taking on of another's bad karma is very different from being afraid of taking on another's bad karma. If you train in martial arts to defend yourself from physical assaults, does that mean you are afraid of being physically assualted or are you just taking wise and judicious means to defend yourself from physical assaults?
  15. I don't think I would dare to have sexual relationships or even close contact with any human on this planet, but especially women. How can any true seeker of enlightenment on the path even dare express any desire to sleep with anyone else after reading the material which I just revealed? Just imagine, you pray and meditate everyday trying to rid yourselves of material desires and attachments, the karmic energies which are blocking your inner access to your higher self or the true Dao within. But you sleep with your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever and then you take in their karmic energies which would in turn place additional blocks in your attempt to connect with your higher self. *Shudder* It is a never-ending cycle. I am glad I have finally seen through the light of all this "love" bullshiit. EDITED.