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  1. Free New Translation on Valentine Day

    Thank you! I'm glad I caught this. I'll read and send comments.
  2. La Ruta

    English Prime has challenges that force me to consider each and every word I type/speak/think. Such dedication to language ensures that I form the focus of my speech, not my auto-pilot. Thank you. Some consider music a "universal language" of sorts. At least, that's what they told me in high school choir. hahah. Thanks for the welcome!
  3. New member

    I feel impressed by the vast resource you've provided us. Thank you! And welcome.
  4. Hi There

    Hello! Nice to cyber-meet you.
  5. La Ruta

    Hello my colleagues, I go by Morivou. My mother bore me in Grapevine, Texas. Raised a Christian and a scholar, I left my hometown of Arlington to search for new seeds to sow. I migrated to Bloomington, IN where I now study Opera and music Composition at Indiana University. As many musicians tend to embody, I too have spiritual prowess. Communication in the musical sense births an empathy between performer and listener rivaled by few actions in this world. I strongly support the arts and cultures of our lifespan. Many Eastern traditions espouse the disinterest in passionate artform. I disagree with this methodology and find it seems like one of the major issues of our time. Music led me deeper into spiritual existence. As a communicator, I looked for the soul within me and within others. As I discovered the soul, I became acutely aware of its ability to sing long after death. I feel the soul of Beethoven, Mozart, even older tribal composers, native chantings, etc. I found, then, my attachment to music inhibited what I should truly search for: connection between all things. I expanded my view from music to all communicative forms, both verbal and nonverbal. I saw the world in its true existence: a unified vision, a dependent force. At this time, I became interested in Taoism. I began to research and read. From there, I found Stoicism. From there, I found Buddhism. From there, I found Qigong. From there, I found Neigong. (I have provided common American spellings for easy communication). From there, I found Robert Bruce and his works lead me to Crowley. That branched off into Wiccan magick, Satanic magick (LaVeyan), and other western magicks (ceremonial magick like... in Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick). And, even from there, made its way to Christian mysticism and tribal mysticism. As I made this journey, I realized again the connections between things. Currently in my training, I need to break from the funk of reading the material and actually putting it into practice. I begin my true journey; I expect that a place such as this will serve as a fantastic brooding ground and workshop for my thoughts. I hope that you will oblige me in discussion as I inquire and stupidly be "American" about it. I understand that, in my usage of English Prime, I should not employ "be" as I did in the last sentence... but, something about saying "I am American" really humbles the self. Not a title to have pride in. Yet, something I need to accept. Thank you for your time, I hope to see you on the fora, Morivou.