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  1. Greetings, All!

    where can you listen to alan watts on the radio? Japhy I wish i thought of that name
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "The Sponge None of us understands our story better than this nonentity, unconscious slip of nature, nonetheless our common parent dilating at the bottom of the sea. The parent, too, of octopus and pony, of reefs and villages, once it was strange simply for being not a rock itself — not rock, but a blank sleep on a rock shelf. And, deeply sympathetic to the rock, to sea and sea-dust washing through its skin, it knows, although it doesn't know it knows, that minds and their milieux are all one thing. Some see its way of thinking; most, not yet. Still, one day, just by living, all will find reason enough within themselves to think the single thought forever in its mind." -Joshua Mehigan
  3. Is golden nectar DMT?

    What are CCOs?
  4. What is the Most Important Thing?

    things are sincere but not serious
  5. The Tao Of Chaos

    Lao tzu said "to organize is to destroy" according to Chang Tzu. 333 is there if you look for it. As a Taoist you should just keep things simple. The only thing being communicated to you is that you underestimate your brain's power to manifest things like that. After I read your article I went to call a masseuse. She gave me her address with the number 333 south juniper. It was pretty strange but I know not to get hung up on that kind of thing. It causes too much unnecessary anxiety. I laughed about it and went on a walk, and that’s what you should do. I just want to make you feel better. Choronzon is nothing but your over awareness of the number 333. To balance things out you should become aware of more things... like the frequency of other numbers. I'm sorry if this turns out to be offensive somehow. I mean well I’m just not that articulate.
  6. Hello tao bums

    Hi im here so i can comment. I was just reading and that was nice too.