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  1. Thoughts like passing clouds, emotions like changing weather

  2. When viewing yourself as an inseparable part of the Tao, realize that your inner self is not separate from this. When you want or need something, you are lacking, therefor the Tao is lacking. Naturally thet tao balances itself. So long as your intent is clear and you are mindful of it, you are creating a void. The Tao naturally fills all voids. Be patient, be open to opportunities, and interact with the world around you. The less you put yourself our there, the longer it will take to find you because you're not creating an opening. Soon you will realize that everything you need comes to you and that no forceful action is necessary and that by acting in a forceful manner you're only pushing things away. You're life will become a string of coincidences once Wu wei is understood. There is no easy way to really explain any of this. You have to find it for yourself, but I can tell you from experience that the old masters were right.
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