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  1. Hellow from Australia

    Thanks guys, I have just read some basic Taoism books but I am struggling to find anything that really explains better information about it. Anyone got some good starting points for me? I am very new to it all.
  2. G'day folks ! :D

    I dont know you either Stig but Ill say Hi! Im in Brisbane. Got any good local resourses for Taoism?
  3. Hellow from Australia

    Hi I am from Brisbane, Australia and I have joined up here to lean more about Taoism and to chat with like minded people. I have a few books I am currently getting through and thought this would be a good place to be able to ask questions. If anyone would be able to point me in the way of some good Taoist meditation that would be good. I look forward to chatting with you all, - Mac