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  1. How is your Tao?

    Hi, the personal reasons why someone follows the Taoism, and at what point someone is just on his way. This is different for each person. And about these things I ask, based on your respective life. :-) My experience is read and study is only one part. This one alone is not the way forward... Best wishes, October.
  2. The Way (道 i.e.Tao) of Living

    It means that some things can not be explained, ... they can only be experienced. Experience without words is not meant. :-) Best wishes October.
  3. October

    Hi rainbowvein thanks! I am not sure, if I can say that I like Ninjas. ;-) Because it is not certain whether ninjas really existed. So I say better, I like what is attributed to the ninjas lifestyle and practices. Ordinary things, which used ninjas for themselves. But that can also be found outside the ninja-life. But I would like it if the existence of ninjas were true. ^^ Best wishes, October.
  4. Hellow from Australia

    Hi! :-) You can read some quotes of wise teachers, like Laozi, Confucius and others. So I began! I learned their words and put it into my everyday life. Enough to do for a long time, but something simple to get started. Best wishes October.
  5. The Way (道 i.e.Tao) of Living

    Hi :-) Yes, I think this is a reasonable point of view! Something that does not help me, can be for someone else just right. That is true. But to understand this, has taken his time for me... I admire some people, for their wisdom and their wise kind of life and actions. Wow, super! ;-) I do not know if I understand this correctly. It says, you play with me!? :-D Best wishes October.
  6. The Way (道 i.e.Tao) of Living

    Hi, mh no I would say exactly the opposite! :-) (Sorry, I can not english very well. Perhaps therefore the misunderstanding) Based on what I see / hear / experience of him, he is (for me) not someone, who takes me further on my personal path. Every people are different. The important difference for me is, whether a person of its kind, is helpful for me on my way. I cannot say anything more, because every person is as they is. About generally better or worse, I do not judge. That taught me the Asian philosophy! ;-) I could ask you, how do I do that. But I know the answer of Zen. Experience to understand! I can not "reply" from the perspective of Zen, because these were just "only" words again. Wise life does not need many words. Yes, wisdom needs questions. A lot of questions! But no answers, because these are the experiences of others. Wisdom needs its own experience, own elaboration. Do not ask me what is a wise life. Strive it yourself, and ask yourself all these questions. Then you will find answers. The curious thing is everything I say explain or answer, are just words and nothing more, too! ;-) Excuse me for this answer ... Best wishes, October.
  7. Getting forward?

  8. How is your Tao?

    The translation of Tao is way, path, method, the right way or similar. Finally, they are- and they remain only words! How is your Tao-way; what includes your wise way; on what (Asian) ​​views/philosophies you orientate yourself? My main path is based on myths about Ninja, and Taoism is a part of it. The Ninja (if they existed!) Had no certain religion. They had different influences of Asian philosophies. Taoism had the most influence, others were Shinto and Buddhism, too. That is exactly the way of life, what filled out me most! I have seen many different separate beliefs before. Because I thought it's only possible if I have a single world view. (For example, only Christ, only Buddhist, only Shinto, only paganism, etc.) But I did not feel comfortable with it! (With a single world view) By happenstance (Although I think that happenstance not exists) I came to the Ninja topic, read historical theses and texts of experts/scientists. I found out, that this way of life (Like the entire Ninja-life is shown, with all practices and contents) is my fulfillment. Of course not to apply it to anyone! ;-) Just out of personal interest, and just because this entire style of life helps me to develop my spirit / mind. Now I'm interested in what / how is your way; and your story why you are follow the Taoism. Best wishes and thanks for answers! October.
  9. The Way (道 i.e.Tao) of Living

    Hi, My life includes various Asian views. Here, I would reply with the view in Zen: Statements are just words, it should be experienced to understand it. I think that means we should not think so much about life, but rather spend more time with (conscious) life. John's imagination is John's imagination. That's it, no more or less. We do not know his (maybe religios/spiritual)background, not his experience in life, not his upbringing. I think all of this has an impact on our thinking. And why think about extraneous ideas? I think Tao teaches us otherwise. At least that is my experience so far. Personally, I have more, by words of Lao Tzu, Confucius, Dalai Lama or other very wise persons. But that have to decide everybody for themselves, whose words he follows. And John Lennon is not someone, I regard as wise enough, that I want to learn through his words and views. My personal view. Best wishes October.
  10. Hellow from Australia

    Hi MacPark and welcome! :-) I do not know the difference between Taoist meditation and others, sorry for that. On this subject I can not help you. But maybe others here, I hope! I'm sure it is. ;-) Best wishes October.
  11. New

    Welcome Kanogi! :-) I hope that you can find with Tao, what you are looking for. Anyone who wants to learn is right on Asian ways, I think. Best wishes October.
  12. NIce place you have here

    Hi and welcome here! :-) I searched in Google, the quote is from: "Cheri Huber" a Zen-Teacher. He has a book with the same title as the quote. The book is called: "That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You to Seek" Perhaps you have read that? My greatest respect for that! I think it is not important, to understand everything immediately. I wish you a good time here, and a successful path! Best wishes October.
  13. Introduction

    Welcome Meridian_Man! I think (or fear) anywhere outside of Asia, Taoism is not well known. But that's what I like! So we know that we learn the true spirit of the Tao. And not a misunderstanding, counterfeit western-version of it. (As it is in some other Asian ways of life!) But that's just my opinion of it. ;-) Wow! That makes me a bit jealous, I must admit. It has long been my desire to have a master, from whom I can learn directly. I am proud that you have someone like that, a direct teacher. Hopefully I'll get that luck too. :-) Best wishes and a good time here! October.
  14. October

    I agree with you, I see it similar. In my experience, it is not conducive to see only one direction. As varied as the persons are, so varied are the possibilities! If you restrict yourself... you restrict you. You go a good and right way, I think so. Thank you all, for the warm welcome! Best wishes, October.
  15. October

    May I briefly introduce myself, my name is "October" I am female and German. Born and grown up in Germany, too. No Asian family or ancestors, so how I came to Chinese philosophy? Sorry, I do not know! Since I was a little kid, I was interested in this way of life - I've always lived very careful. Previously I have not thought about it, had no description of it. Later I read about Ninja mythology, and discovered the words Taoism and similar descriptions. But I must say that I get along better without specific description of my way. A German friend of mine is a Zen Buddhist, we've talked a lot about Chinese philosophy. This here is my fourth forum where I seek contact with like-minded people! I hope it works this time, I'm excited. If anyone has any questions about me, he may well ask me. Bye, and best wishes October.