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    Its good to have another Taoist to talk to about Lao Tzu's writings. Welcome to the group Mao Shan.
  2. new member

    I think thats the right term where people post under a certain topic yeah I believe its called a thread and by the way welcome thetaobums fellow newbie Oh yeah thanks for the greating yoda. There is a great group of people here at thetaobums, everone has been helpful and friendly.
  3. Wu Wei = non doing

    Death is a tuff thing to deal with to see people around you getting very ill and then dying. When we see this we see a lack of control. The inability to save thoughs around us and what we all must face. This also show we cant do it all. We can only do are best with the time we have, show are love for thoughs around us and to face death bravely and say "Try to take me!". Thats right try to take me because when you truely look at things nothing can die. When the body breaks down after we die it becomes part of something else a tree, a flower, a bird ect. The memories we shared with that individual helps us in are lives becomes a part of us. Lessons they learned passed on to us the emotional support they gave us in a time of need and the lessons and emotional support we gave them. Even as we live we share dna in are bodies as a reminder that those we love are close. We wonder about what to do to honor them but its hard to know once there gone. But remeber all thoughs connections, I'm sure the answers will come straight from the heart. I always felt if you wish to know someones thoughts use your heart. This keeps us together this makes us immortal.
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    my favorite quote comes from a song song: everybody's free (to wear sunscreen) mix album: something for everybody(aka Romeo and Juliet sound track) artist: ?Baz Luhrmann Don't waste your time on jealosy sometime your ahead sometimes your behind the race is long but in the end its only with yourself PS check out the whole song
  5. Taoist groups in USA

    Oh and I almost forgot wudangspirit, Lin an any future posters thank you, what ever you can offer is a great help it is tuff searching for Taoist groups in the US on the web. Theres very few site with US state to state info.
  6. Taoist groups in USA

    I have been reading alot on chinese history in regard to religion both Taoist and Buddist. Its sad to see how the Chinese government has treated these religions though history they have done so many great thing for the world but the rulers fear the loss of there power so much that they attack people that have no interest in that power. What makes it worst what they are really looking for deep down the very people there attacking can help them find. Its horrible the damage they are doing to these religions, but no matter what these thing can not be lost the Tao is ever present an as long as people pay attention they will find it again even here Carlisle PA I dont know any Taoist but the Tao is ever present but... it sure would be nice to meet other Taoist its hard to talk about Lao Tzu when no one know who you are talking about. Plus cultivation is easier for one another less confusion it parallels understanding yourself but on another level as Taoism as yourself and though another religion might not be a parallel to myself I consider other vituous religions as a parallel to good friends
  7. Taoist groups in USA

    I am trying to experience as much as I can of Taoism to see what others understand and what I understand about myself. Where are there Taoist temples, study groups, classes ect. in the US? I am even thinking of moving somewhere where I meet more Taoist. Taoist writing are not new to me but Taoism in the US is it always seem as if to experience it you have to go asia somewhere but I like to experience it a little closer to home.
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    Lately I have been looking up alot on chi gong and taoism and found your site very helpful. And to thoughs unknown posters thank you very much