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  1. Happy Equinox!

    Happy Spring. I am far up north in Mass. There is plenty of snow and ice everywhere you go. However, the birds know what it is. Last weekend, the red wing black bird returned to the marsh. And, this weekend two ravens flew by. The wind storm this past weekend was so fierce, it blew a bird's nest apart and one of the eggs crashed on my balcony. I was shocked to figure out what it is. Life is quick. This little creature never made it to hatching. Scrambled morning dove. Gosh that woke me up.
  2. Plans for the Next Year

    Superficial plans include continued incorporation of eating with the seasons from locally grown stocks. Shifting my evening meals to more grain based, dried fruit and tea combination. Can I slip in a little cheese? Practice hatha yoga and qi gong every other day with plenty of time devoted to hikes in the forest or fields. The deeper goal is to meet another follower of Tao and form a friendship. Connection with people of the same belief seems important. I enjoy forums such as this, but I would like to find other people to practice with in person. I am alone in my practice. Ming Dao mentioned this might happen. Other goals include giving monthly to others in need. I started by returning a request from an animal shelter for monetary help. And, I checked off willingness to volunteer clerical or cat care. My intention is to follow thru and offer my energy to other beings in need. Personally, I intend to blend more and more with the world as it is. To cultivate awareness of the universe. To actually feel the stardust settle on my skin.
  3. New Life

    You're question seems impossible for me to grasp. I came to awareness of Tao before I knew the philosophy had a name and arts. Qi gong introduced me to chi, internal strength and balance. Kung Fu, what does that translate to mean? Observe Nature and nothing else. I read very little. Practice the arts and perhaps awareness will emerge. Hmmm, I just had a thought Tao is expressed in many different ways. Listen to Raindrops Prelude by Chopin. This is a human expression of emotion with Nature. There is no difference between the raindrop and you, you and the raindrop. If you can emerse yourself in this than you may perceive the subtleness of this practice.
  4. What makes for a good meditation?

    My cat daily demonstrates quite a fine example of the gentle art of meditation. Find the nearest sun beam, settle down and just be in it. She really does know what to do without trying. Actually, for me the best meditations have come during woodland walks. Give me a trail through the forest on a mild day, my companions are the wind, trees, leaves and everything unseen. A chance to work out the kinks of day to day busy life and settle into what is.
  5. Hello

    Greetings from the Northeast.