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  1. Greetings + Question, the 1st serious post!

    Padron me Lady, for such misconsideration! As for horse stances i would like to start this morning with happy sparrow stance
  2. Greetings + Question, the 1st serious post!

    great replies fellas, lot of stuff to think about at spare time. all the best!
  3. Greetings. I am here as mere disciple of self-understanding and becoming open to my path in life. I come in touch with all sort of information {be it spiritual guidence/wisedom or physics of universe, humanity} and trying to figure out what does it mean to me, what can i really learn from it and aid my journey in this life. Ofcourse i feel like running away from modern day chaos to a more tranquil and more spiritual {place with higher energy field} and start discovering myself in peace. But are ripping me back into land of material jungle where i all my effort goes to simply survive. I do understand that overcoming it all in my enviroment and learning my way would be a great test, but really it does feel like quicksand... And recently i live my life from this kind of viewpoint ''it is what it is'' and by practicing thinking good thoughts and acting positive i feel it will be a more positive ''it is what it is''. Question: are taoists in control of they're lives or it's just natural way of being an order of chaos manifested in way of the way?