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  1. A New Start

    Hello people, I am only 21 and I feel that I am at a crucial point in life, kind of like the 'fork in the road' type of thing. I got kicked out of a university about a year ago simply for having bad grades. Now before you presume that I am a bad learner, given that dismissal from a university is pretty extreme, I must mention that it is safe to say that the discipline I chose to study (mathematics) is relatively difficult. Although it is true that I struggled with the content of my courses, it is even more true that I did not have my priorities in order, practiced poor discipline, and most importantly did not value my opportunities. I have come to believe that my struggles are the direct result of a weak (or non-existent?) spirituality. There was no driving force behind anything that I pursued in life; I only went to college because it is "the right thing to do" in this society. So with a new start on life, I've decided to begin with my spirituality and finding a purpose to the life I live. My younger brother used to study Jeet Kune Do and he has many Bruce Lee books. It is in Lee's book "Artist of Life" where I first discovered Tao and ever since have been trying to better understand it. I hope that by joining TheTaoBums I will be able to do just that!