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  1. Dying in meditation

    I know people who are able to into below delta wave trances (one of them measured it with an EEG) and get NDEs. To get into such deep trances is a practise in tibetan buddhism (and also in Taoism, briefly mentioned in one of the books by Mantak Chia). It is a theory that is experience based. You claim many people don't get to alpha level. Some news for you: Alpha waves are a characteristic for simple relaxation. All people experience it every day.
  2. Dying in meditation

    I talk about below delta wave trances. When you are in a delta wave trance you are conscious during deep sleep. If you go lower to below delta you get NDEs and actually leave your body. Here it is possible to shut down your brain waves and hence die. It is very, very rare to be able to do this. Even to get into a below delta wave level trance is very difficult to do. Normally only very skilled yogis can do it.
  3. Dying in meditation

    Lie still in your bead. Put your left hand on your solar plexus chakra and your right hand below. Focus 100% of your awareness at solar plexus and let go at breathing out. You will get into a trance. This can be deepend depending on talent to below delta level brain waves and hence produce a near death experience. You can also kill yourself this way.
  4. white skeleton meditation

    Are anatomy charts included if bought on the website?
  5. Western Energy and healing cultivation methods?

    There is a westerner who made his own energy and healing cultivation method without looking at any pre-existing ones. His name is Robert Bruce. You can find info about it here: http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=6 I know several people who tried it. Personally i would not use it for energy serious cultivation work. I've been told that he lacks chi recognition above solar plexus chakra, which i was told can be derived from reading some of his writings. At least i think it was solar plexus. It was a long time ago i discussed this system
  6. Kunlun Europe

    no answer ?
  7. Why I Seek Power

    I don't mean to be argumentative, but i belive everyone with enough determination and practise can be as good ice hockey player as Wayne Gretzky. Do you see the flaws with that kind of argumentation? Different levels of talent does exist! Not many people can achieve a true obe even with great practise and determination. Dreams does not have to lower your cognitive functions as proved in the following scientific study: http://lucidity.com/slbbs/ According to taoist master Mantak Chia it takes 20-30 years to learn to get real obes if you got talent.
  8. Kunlun Nei Gung and DNA mutation

    - http://www.kunlunbliss.com/subjects.html Has there been any scientific studies to confirm that this meditation form really cause DNA mutations? It should be easy to test. How was the conclusion reached that it change the DNA of the body?
  9. Why I Seek Power

    Then you need to find out whether you got the neccesary talent to do so. Around 20% of the population got chi recognition. 2% got enough chi recognition to get anywhere with meditation and trances. Then you have all kinds of talent level. 1 in 100 000, 1 in 100 0000 etc etc. To leave your body you have to lower your brain waves to below delta. At an EEG there is a flat line when you reach it. Then your astral body that is integrated with your nervous system separates from it and you get a genuine NDE. This requires great talent and might even then take years to learn. You might even accidently kill yourself by shutting down your brain. So it comes down to whether you got enough talent. Not everyone are elite hockey players even if they practise 10 hours a day. It also requires talent. It is the same with trance work! Remember that REM-sleep OOBES are not real out of body experiences. Those are just realistic dreams.
  10. Why I Seek Power

    You previously said this reality is not real. You cannot be reborn into something which doesn't exist in the first place. Something eternal have no end and no beginning. You can therefore not become an eternal formless awareness (that would imply that it has a beginning and would hence not be eternal). You must already be this formless eternal awareness. It seems like you seek what you already are and want out from something you admit doesn't exist.
  11. Why I Seek Power

    There is no need of a way out! Don't you see that a way out is also part of the dream? - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
  12. Kunlun Europe

    Mantra68: You forgot to answer my question! I just wonder if you have any policy about cost reduction for people with low or no income? I know there are people in Gothenburg who could be interested in attending, but they are university students and can't afford $300.
  13. Kunlun Europe

    I see you charge $300 for the seminar + 45 private talk. People who cannot pay are not welcome? I understand you need money for travel cost, but it also exclude people who have no income.
  14. Positivity/negativity and chi

    I asked around at a chat and now i understand it. The unmoving emotion is just me experiencing what is. Emptiness. When i feel anxiety, fear, terror my mind add things stuff to it that's not there. When my mind stops doing it nothing has changed, because it did not belong to emptiness in the first place.
  15. Positivity/negativity and chi

    I often experience love, trust, doing without doing, life joy, going with the flow etc etc. I also often experience stress, anxiety, strong fear, not wanting to be in the now if i percieve it to be unpleasant. Several times i've had fast shifts between this positivity and negativity During those shifts i have discovered that i do not move from one type of chi to another type of chi. It is the exact same chi that i experience. One second i experience it as love and joy, and later i experience it as the opposite. It seems to be an unmoving emotion that i percieve in different ways. This emotional quality resides in the heart and solar plexus chakra. When i percieve it as positive (life joy, love, compassion) my chi flow increase dramatically (very strong energy flow when i touch my tongue to the palate) and when i percieve it as negative (stress, anxiety, extreme fear) the chi flow decrease. This is fascinating for me, but i do not totally understand it. It doesn't change it all, it is always the same. If anyone has better understanding of this, feel free to share. What is this unmoving emotion?