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  1. If I were to die tonight....

    ....i'd still be virgin?
  2. Hello, I'm starting my journey and need assistance.

    Hi Yawa! I am on a similar path. To whet your appetite, I recommend a Raymond Smullyan's Tao is Silent as a supplement to Tao Te Ching and any book by Alan Watts.
  3. "Must post here"? ;)

    Thank you. I just proposed a site on Stackexchange about Taoism and I was wondering if it is okay to drop link to promote? Edit: Also, I would like a personal practice section please! Meta-Edit: I just realized that multiple accounts is not welcome. Well, I forgot my old handle and password so I registered today under my own real handle. Hope it is okay.
  4. "Must post here"? ;)

    That is not very Tao like is it? J/k.... Well I don't know what to say. I am extremely passionate about Taoism and want to ultimately pursue a research/doctorate on it. I am just starting out.