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    ^ YESS my fingers were twisting like a mad man forming all types of interesting symbols. Some of the signs looked like ancient asian/chinese symbols. I can do them anytime as if they have some how been imprinted in me. I understand its a type of energy flowing and that makes a lot of sense because I would have amazing rushes of electricity, my whole body would be covered in static so much that I thought I was going to die. I also had burning sensations on my upper back and on my chest. It felt as if so much energy was just pouring out of me. I was scared at the time but looking back it was the most pure moment of my life. A moment of clarity in this chaotic world that we are living in.
  2. Here for Help

    Hello I have come here to ask for help regarding some spiritual experiences I have recently had in the past. I found myself going through a unique type of transformation. I began deeply meditating and when I woke up from my never before had trance like state my hands were shoulder length in various interesting positions. My fingers looked as if they were forming signs and this kept happening because of my some how new ability to zone out of consciousness. Well I cant do that anymore but I am highly in need of some information because I am questioning my sanity. I came on this site after reading the many great threads such as the topics about Mudras as my hand signs looked like some of the Mudras that are mentioned here but mine were some what more complex. If anybody has any information regarding meaning towards involuntary meditative hand signs please write on this thread. Much Appreciated,