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  1. When you have to take the bridge

    Thanks clement but, I'm in the states Cental California to be exact.
  2. When you have to take the bridge

    Hello I'm new myself!
  3. Monterey CA

    Hey, thanks for that I'll check it out.
  4. Monterey CA

    Right on Leon sounds great! Although I'm new to the area and the tao. I am mobile so if there is anything in your area that we could do let me know. My biggest interest is tai chi and meditation but haven't found an outlet. '
  5. Monterey CA

  6. Monterey CA

    Thank you. Are you in this area?
  7. Monterey CA

    Glad I come across this while searching for a Tao te Ching book. I am located in Salinas California anyone else out here? Say hello. Haven't explored this site too much but, are there meet up groups around here? If you know of anywhere please let me know, I would love to participate!!