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  1. Alright, some really interesting responses. Then I might actually continue to study 'Multi-Orgasmic Man' since it also contains exercises about focusing on the present and relaxation. I don't have a partner right now, so I'll do the solo-cultivation to do something meaningful in the meantime. What I'm worried about is the reviews I read about the book. Some of the people said the exercises described are potentially dangerous if you haven't received training by an instructor. What's your stance? Otherwise, I'd just proceed with the book...
  2. Wow, this brings up so many deeper questions. I'd kindly ask you to write in plain simple English. I'm sure you're all very sophisticated, but the fact that I am not a native speaker makes it sometimes hard to grasp what you are even talking about. I guess what I want is to 1) make sex as pleasurable for myself as possible and 2) also give the person I'm with the ultimate sexual experience and make her a raving fan customer. What do you think of these 2 goals? If they're good, the next step would be to define what makes sex pleasurable - for me/her - and what 'skills' I need to facilitate that. Am I making any sense here? Oh, and let's not forget that I'm a 4th grader. Please, simple English
  3. Okay, I think I need to take a step back to see the big picture. I might have gotten into this with the wrong intentions, but that's what I'm about to find out...probably some misconceptions right there. Bluntly said, I came across the mentioned book ('Multi-Orgasmic Man') and thought this was great. Now I can learn how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms, fuck indefinitely (at least for long times compared to 'normal'), have rock-solid erections and generally experience an entirely new quality of orgasm/sex life. So, this is the goal. Is this what we're talking about here or is this something else? I know, for most of you this might seem like a stupid question but I'd like to see the big picture; how the dots are connected. Thanks for your patience and understanding. -M
  4. @deci belle: Thanks for the info. Most of it is entirely new to me. Do you recommend that I continue studying and practicing 'Multi-Orgasmic Man'? This would for sure be the easiest way, everything structured etc. I just want to make sure it's not something harmful as I've read on other sites... What do you mean by that? If you're multi-orgasmic 'regular women' can't handle that?
  5. Alright, so these are actually non-ejaculatory orgasms? I understand that what matters is not that I'm multi-orgasmic, but to actually experience that difference between orgasm and ejaculation. I thought the whole point was to experience orgasms, but separate it from ejaculation so that you can have one after another. Also, I my understanding was to move as close to the point as possible. (=Stopping up?) Now that I've practiced it a couple of times, it's actually very easy to not ejaculate. I do have to use muscles though. What would be the next step here? I'm really a total newbie and with there's so much info out there. I can't tell which is good and which isn't (or actually harmful).
  6. 30min for Registering

    Alright, thanks for the hint. Just posted my thread in the other section.
  7. Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I read 'The Multi-Orgasmic Man' and started practicing some of the mentioned exercises. For example Stop/Release almost every time I urinate. I noticed that when I flex the muscle (pc muscle?) at the right time it feels like an ejaculatory orgasm only that I don't ejaculate. Then I just continue a few seconds after that and experience it again. I would do this a couple of times and then just stop entirely or ejaculate. Is this actually a multi-orgasm? I just want to make sure I'm not doing something harmful or that this is a retrograde ejaculation. Many, many more question to come... Thanks! -M
  8. 30min for Registering

    Hey guys, I just found this forum after searching for 'Sexual Kung Fu' and 'The Multi-Orgasmic Man'. First, I couldn't find the button to create a new account...but I made it anyway. So, that's about it. I'm 26 years old and I'm about to post my first question in a moment -M P.S.: Would be awesome if somebody could let me know where I could post specific question about the above-mentioned. (Which forum section)