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  1. What is the point

    there is no point, life is a circle! an interconnected circle. hurt others all u want but u will only destroy yourself faster
  2. rofl 30 minute meditation, nailed it in 10. haha
  3. haha im using the Toms toothpaste right now. I love how it doesnt taste like poison. im not sure of any alternatives at the moment..they say try to go to a health store, so u might wanna go somewhere special not just a grocery store. Iv heard in india/nepal they make a special kind of toothpaste from cow dung. In some places of nepal/india they also would use tree bark. Teeth have to do with vitality, iv seen mine go from yellow to white after a year with alot of sleep and meditation. If you find the flouride toothpaste helps, i think you should try using less of it. I find that i only require a small skid of toothpaste to get the job done. this way u protect ur teeth and minimize chemical dmg
  4. im thinkin california might be nice, with the coast and the farmers markets. everyone says the pollution is miserable, but i didnt think so when i went there. Im in colorado right now, its pretty nice, but its way to dry for me. I was sayin stuff like this to my master about how society is backwords and most everyone is confused and most places are poisonious to live. He tells me, " a wise man finds nectar in poison. A lowley man finds faults even in heaven.."
  5. EVERYONE should take a little bit of time and watch this YoUTuBe Video ITs an art piece on all of this stuff, basically sums up everything u guys already know. BUT its good! and should be heavily promoted
  6. Water flouridation is a huge conspiracy. very interesting. This guy Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, harvard grad top student, made some heavy contributions to the research. However he was mysteriously found dead at age 58. http://www.rethinkingcancer.org/resources/magazine-articles/7_9-10/fluoride-the-aging-factor.php http://www.purewatergazette.net/fluoridationfiasco.htm he showed how flouride contributes to aging and cancer. Also the psychological issues, more specifically dumbing people down and making them more passive.
  7. haha very good ideas. Food purifying mantra! iv never heard of one before. Sounds awesome! any recommendations? i love mantras. when i went to india i learned mantra for clearing blockages which was very very helpful for me and also another for purifying the body, where you put your feet in water, preferably river, and say the mantra for an hour or two (however i forgot this one caus i never used it) eh i live in america, we are the worst over here. i barely touch my veggies and im sure i dont wash my fruit enough. but i meditate a lot so i think i will purify my self in time.
  8. Russia is completely GMO free. I read that india has been consumed by monsanto and givin money to use the GM seeds. THis has lead to thousands of farmer suicides a month. the most in history they say. this article talks about how its not monsantos fault http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/01/26/the-myth-of-indias-gm-genocide-genetically-modified-cotton-blamed-for-wave-of-farmer-suicides/ but i dont believe it.
  9. So far i have found that europe is actively pursuing the end of GMO and Flouride, Thailand also is GMO free and probably flouride free. Any suggestions? It can go beyond GMO and Flouride, those are just major issues.
  10. Origins of the Kabbalah and Other Things.

    The paradise mentioned is referring to enlightenmnet? The goal of kabballa is paradise? am i understanding you correctly?
  11. i can post

    yay i can post now
  12. hola1