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  1. Hi. I am curiouse about a system called Natural Chi Movement - the teachers name is Tienko Ting and I have heard that he is transmiting a qi-field to his students so they are able to practice Jing Dong Gong, or Natural Chi Movments as he calls it . Fair enough - but I am curiouse about the whole system. Link: http://www.naturalchimovement.com/Introduction/Introduction.php If you have any experience or knowledge about this system I would very much like to hear your opinion about it? Thank you very much all the best Kjetta
  2. Hi, I'm new here

    I could not agree with you more Basher. - Welcome to both of You - also from a beginner.
  3. Hi I am new on the forum.

    Hi everyone. (English is not my first language so excuse my spelling) I googled my way to the forum - alot of knowledge in here - thanks to all of you. I started out my practice by beeing in so called Zen-meditation groups for 5 - 6 years. - Then I went to china for 18 months and it shook my worldview when I got introduced to the world of Qi, and the healing arts of China. In China I met a very successful Qi-healer / Acupuncturist / Moxa-doctor - who said that what he did was nothing - if I wanted to know what Qi-work really was I need to go to his teacher course. So I thought why not. I didn't know what to expect from this course but I must say I got amazed when my body started to move by itself, and went spontaneously into differnt yoga posture, and ways of breathings etc. It really got the qi moving in the meridians. Besides this JingDongGong style of Qigong we also combine it with Youwei techniques that is under voluntary control. It is a fully mapped out system, with levels and graduations - and with a teacher that has great abilities to emit Qi. Here is some information about the lineage for thoose who are interested: http://taijixue.de/inhalt_e.htm I am still new to qigong/Neigong practice - I have only practiced for 3 years - but it feels great to practice. I have found a system that suites me, but i am very intrested in learning more about what you guys are practicing - and I know I will learn alot by beeing in here with people that has been practicing for decades. Thank you. All the best from Kjetta