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  1. Kunlun Practice

    Max is somewhere between a stage hypnotist and a televangelist.
  2. Kunlun and Kungfu

    Well, if you can magically blast somebody, then why bother studying kung-fu? First off, remember that all this stuff Max does and all this stuff Johnny does is total hocus-pocus. The video below has Derren Brown, the incredible debunker and hypnotist using empty force to hit a guy. First he does it standing in front (where of course he could use subtle visual cues) and then he does it from behind, where the guy couldn't possibly have any (conscious) knowledge that he's being hit. By the by, I love that quote you posted. Isn't it convenient that people who aren't "open" can't be controlled by his energy. That right there is such an obvious indicator that what he's doing is just some bullshit hypnosis (that and his embarrassing video). If he could do something like what he mislabels a "fa-jing" then damn, let's see it! "Oh no, because that would be too powerful and he is too much a Buddha to hurt anybody!" Well then let's see him do it at reduced power! "Oh, no, that's not possible because, um, then it would prove how he's just fucking with these poor loser's heads, I mean *cough*" But seriously, find some real shit and just practice it. Real neigong and real martial arts, especially the "internal" martial arts are great compliments to one another. Stay away from cults and anybody claiming supernatural abilities. Get as close to an authentic lineage holder as possible, and you'll do fine. Good luck.
  3. Full-Lotus

    Is it against the rules of this forum to point out that so-and-so is a complete nutcase?
  4. Zeev Kolman

    my favourite is "Oddly, it is also something he can do over the phone." More like "conveniently."
  5. Daoist Magick

    There's no such thing as magic.
  6. Kunlun Nei Gung and DNA mutation

    It is a bold claim, isn't it?
  7. Kunlun Hawaii

    Ye lost me! What?
  8. Palden Dorje

    "Ok, everybody, listen: I'm going to go off and sit in meditation for six years, nobody bother me. I'll be over there under that tree, but remember: leave me alone! Hear that, world? Excuse me, world? Have I got your attention yet? Ok, in case you missed it, I'll be over there sitting in meditation, so don't bother me, got it? Hmmm I don't know I better call up the BBC and tell them I'm a little boy who may be the next Buddha and that I'll be sitting in meditation for six years but whatever they do, they shouldn't bother me and make it difficult for me to meditate, ok?" Seems like it would be pretty easy to go sit in the woods without attracting a media frenzy and not have a bunch of fucking gift shops sprout up around you.
  9. Lama Dorje

    That sounds pretty crazy! What did you use your powers for? Did you do some healing? Who's mind did you read? Did you do anything like build a stonehenge with your telekinesis?
  10. John Chang

    Hello, You've probably all seen the video on youtube or elsewhere of John Chang, or "Dynamo Jack." I read the first half of The Magus of Java before I brushed it off. It lost me with the sci-fi descriptions of internal martial arts and all the highly improbable Harry Potter shit, but I'm curious how it was received by the people of this board, and I'm wondering if anybody has additional information that sheds some light on the subject. Does John Chang teach somewhere? Anybody here train with him? Know someone who has? Anybody have reason to believe that what is described in the book is real?
  11. New member... it's me!

    Hello everybody, this is my introduction. I'm a longtime fan of everything Oriental, and after a little lurking I decided that there was some pretty cool stuff going on in this forum. If you play Go (Chinese: Weiqi) then get on the Kiseido Go Server and look me up. I'm Notendo on there as well.