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  1. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    I know people who say they are gennerally unaware of thinking. They say they just are. My parents drilled me with "Think before you do or say anything". So, I do think before doing anything. It's like sitting in two different seats at alternate times. I sit in the thinking seat, then I sit in the action seat. There now appears to be three separate seats in what you're describing, observe, think, and action. To have inner dialog, one generally has to think. On the surface, it appears that in order to observe, one has to be able to both think and observe. I tend to be quite invested in whatever train of thought I am working through. To be otherwise is to be distracted, and not putting my full focus and energy on coming to a valid conclusion. I do observe what I am thinking as the process proceeds, but maybe I'm so engrosed, I'm not seeing the whole picture? Maybe my current method of observing is akin to micro-managing, and is too focused? I'm wondering how I might back off and be less invested in the thought process. Am I making any sense?
  2. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    How I ever gave ego any liberties or entitlements in the 1st place is uncharted territory for me. Giving ego less to do, when it feels like a natural/normal mental process for ego to step up to the plate and score another home run for the team, appears a difficult task. The dark side is so integrated and familiar. It's like ego is an indwelling imposter, which to me, feels like it is me, and so, is naturally accepted as me.
  3. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    Glad to have provided some levity. I used to be loud, but really value peace and quiet now. Duality seems to broaden the complexity and mystery. I like to reduce as many fudge factors as I can before making a move so I'm less likely to make a wrong turn and thus waste time. But I suppose making wrong turns adds to one's experience as well, as in "let me tell you why we do things this way". What's the best way to put ego in it's place and keep it there? Battling ego just seems to make it stronger. And so, maybe I just answered my own question, at least in part. Revising the question, how does one put the ego in it's place and keep it there without engaging it in battle? Karma sounds a little like inertia. Any similarities between the two? Analogies seem to help me grasp ideas/concepts more quickly/easily. -Retro
  4. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    Thanks deci belle. (Sound Engineer?) I feel like I've just finished reading the spiritual "Art of War". (Your last post) You're so fluent in this! This involves strategy on a much deeper level than I ever imagined, and I haven't even assimilated some of what appear to be the basic mindsets/concepts involved. I see a light at the end of a very long tunnel, and I'm at what feels to be the very beginning. It's not a pleasant feeling, but it is encouraging to find where I stand, and that there is greater body of knowledge available on this subject than most have been taught to believe exists. (I don't have to remain ignorant) I do have my battles with ego, and some days it absolutely wears me out. Thank you for being patient, and opening my eyes with kindness. -Retro
  5. What's up, Doc?

    I'd like to thank you again for taking the time to share your knowledge and insight with me. -Retro
  6. Let me introduce myself

    Thanks for replying to my post in "Meditation is not a good way for practising". You've been with this board for a good while. I read your introductory post, and it really goes <> that-a-way. Learning some of the terminology used on this board will take less time than putting methods into practice. (For me anyway) I'd like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge and insight with me. -Retro
  7. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    I'm grateful for the efforts each of you have put into answering my question! Might I be correct in saying "enlightening beings" are those involved in the process of becoming enlightened? And "seeing through phenomena without denying their characteristics" would be seeing the underlying cause that is driving and event? And "using the power of insight to go along with the inherent potential of any given situation" would be making the best of a particular situation? And "without following the ordinary course of evolution in order to respond effectively and precisely without involving oneself in the matrix of karmic evolution and created energy" would be not being reactionary, but responding in a way that benefits all concerned? Hmmm..."without following thoughts unawares" will take some practice since I'm a habitual rabbit chaser and always actively attempt to connect all the dots in order to remembe and use new information, as I seem to now be demonstrating in the entirety of this reply. I tend to puzzle everything through to some logical conclusion. The logical conclusion being that new info has to tie into what I already know in order to be remembered and useful. The following quotes seem to sum up how I've viewed the mind in the past: From: Pirates of the Caribbean ”You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters.” ... Hector Barbossa From other sources: The mind has a map of life experience, it’s the edge of that map that defines the map, not it’s contents, and it's the edge of the map to which one adds new experience and knowledge. From experience: When others say it can’t be done, you’ve just found an opportunity. So, I'm at the edge of my map, hoping to learn a better way of living, thinking, being. I often feel light headed during my efforts at meditation, I also feel like my head has expanded past my skull, somewhat like my head is like an expanding balloon, not painful, just odd, and slightly distracting. I want to thank everyone again for your responses. Hoped for a long time to find others to discuss these things with. -Retro
  8. Greetings

    Does anyone here ever see an opportunity to achieve when everyone else says "that can't be done"? For some reason, in my single digit years, I came to the conclusion that people just don't know what is possible. Later, I came to the understanding people were taught they couldn't do things in order to hold them back, trained into a box from which they couldn't escape. Anyone else have this same mindset?
  9. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    Thank you for your response Lezboyenne! You've given me plenty to contemplate. There has to be a starting point to this path, whether there is an ending point or not. There also has to be a sequence of milestones or achievements one can use to gage one's progress. Where can I find information to get myself started down this path most effectively? Hope I'm asking the right questions. Thanks again for your help! -Retro
  10. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    How does one observe one's mind without following thoughts? Thanks,- Retro
  11. Greetings

    Thanks everyone for checking out my intro. I've always wanted to get into the spiritual side of things, often felt handicapped in that area. Eager to learn, but not sure the best place to start. Hope I haven't offended anyone.
  12. Greetings

    What is the best way to get my mind to shutdown? Usually, if any thought or idea comes to me, my mind os off and running again. What are some of the more successful ways of meditating without one's mind wandering or chasing rabbits?
  13. Greetings

    Thanks for your welcome Mr. Taoist ! Well, I can say I know what I've experienced and how I perform. I'm always double checking things to make sure I haven't missed anything. The spirit and the spirit side of myself are areas where I feel I lack much knowledge and experience. Medititation is difficult since my mind seems trained to always work at connecting the dots 24/7. Quieting the mind requires shutting down the puzzler that's always working to connect the dots.
  14. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    I am new here and quite ignorant, so I may be totally wrong here, but back in the early posts on this discussion, someone said: "To define means to limit, to encapsulate something within a boundary of some sort, to capture the essence and meaning of something in a phrase, concept, or idea." IMO: If "To Define" is as you say (And I do agree with your definition of define), then let's give the term a different name. For instance "A doorway", as in "Zen and Meditation are Doorways" into a bigger world. But, in this analogy, the doorway does require definition, otherwise, how is one to successfully find and enter that doorway and find the bigger world?
  15. Greetings

    Interesing method of introducing new members. Hello everyone! I'm quite technical, logic, physics, programming, AI, chemical, hydraulics, electronics, robotics, etc.... I have a track record of either boring folks into a comatose state or keeping them on the edge of their seat. Spiritually, I'm likely the most ignorant person here. I've seen angels, demons, and other entities. Years ago, I had odd abilities that made me popular with certain crowds. Had a brain injury and lost some life experience. (Doc said Liam Neeson's wife died of same) Docs also said they only saw my other 2 injuries in corpses. In other words, I should have died 3 times over. Short term memory also took a hit and still bothers me. Lived in the twilight zone for 6 weeks lacking automated social functions. Analogy: (twilight zone) a drug trip that may never end. Used methods to reconnect old memory till I finally got my automated social functions working again. Got tired of hearing Docs say I was unusual. (I was alive and I used my whole brain) Docs said they never saw anyone heal as fast as I did. Artificial Intelligence programmers would given their right arm for my experiences. While in the twilight zone, I had unrestricted access to all areas of my brain. It was like being in a room of computers with no passwords. The engineers inside tour of the mind and the way it works. I can't say I'm valuable, interesting, or intelligent, but I do have some odd experiences. -Retrochronyx PS...I've left volumes off my experience. I have no intelligence, smarts, or experience that most anyone on this earth could not aquire, understand, and use, so I don't count myself as smart. PSS...Managers say I undersell myself, but I know many of my weaknesses, and they are all painfull reminders I'm not what I could be.