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  1. Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Qi Gong cd_dvd

    I think that that method is the same as the one in the book "Shaolin Nei Jin Qi Gong: Ancient Healing in the Modern World" by Peter Fenton Ph.D. It costs like 13 dls. This method is also shown in the Tien Tao Chi Kung course in the video Kong Jing. I think no one that teaches the real staff would charge such amount of money for a video. I think there are a bunch of masters that just want to make money from their knowledge and fill their teachings with crappy mysticism because that is what sells now with all the newagers.
  2. Well, I didn't mean charges jumping from one ion to the other, I meant electrons jumping from one ion to the other. We can talk about an ion positively or negatively charged. It depends of if it loses or wins an electron.
  3. Actually, there is electricity . The chemical reaction between two ions allows charges to move from one ion to the other. In our case, if we want to move an arm or something like that, an electrical charge is jumping from one cell to the next until it reaches its destination.
  4. No, it seems very interesting, maybe the human's magnetic field disturbed the recording device. I think when we practice ZZ we amplify the electromagnetic field. Now, I found an interesting argument in the next link which would explain a lot. Although I am a skeptic I do believe in what I have felt through my practice. http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=116478
  5. Yes, I know, but there is no way to turn on a led without flow of electrons which would be electricity. JC also produces a great amount of heat, maybe he uses this kind of energy when the scientists try to measure him with the voltmeter. I remember, while practicing zhang zhuang, having this electric-like feeling (of course, no as powerful as JC's ). Even my hair on my arms make stand on end (sp?). It was a similar feeling than the one produced by static ("walking on a carpet during a dry weather"), but it last a lot longer and I felt with a lot of energy.
  6. Hi everybody, I want to ask you if someone has some idea (with good arguments) about how the human body would store electric charges and transmit them at will. Everybody knows that the human body produces electricity (otherwise we wouldn't be living). In yin yang gong we would be able to produce discharges of electricity, like an eel. But, would the dan tien work as a capacitor? where would be the separated cells that would be polarized in order to produce a flux of electrons? Also, I found this www.nanomedicine.com/NMI/4.7.1.htm There it says that the human body can generates between 10 and 100 millivolts, whereas the eel generates 600 volts.
  7. So, does someone know about the "additional aspect" Jim was talking about? Also, Kosta says something about meditating close to places with iron concentration. Maybe the idea is to grab the electric charges that spreads out from metals, but it wouldn't make sense with the grounding to earth. Therefore, I suppose it doesn't have anything to do with gathering electric charges, maybe it has to do with the magnetic properties of certain minerals. Or, it also can be the radioactive properties, which is essentially the atom's nucleus breaking apart and spreading energy.
  8. Hi everybody, I wonder if some of you know about the mineral used during Mo Pai meditation, I think it is what Jim wrote as the "additional aspect" which allows to gather yin chi. I guess it must be some sort of stone similar than the used in the first chakra in yoga. If someone knows how to accumulate yin chi please feel free to share.
  9. Sad news

    I received the news that Jim McMillan passed away recently.
  10. minerals in meditation

    Thank you crunchyChocolate555. I do not remember where I found that information. I tried to find it, but my memory is very bad, haha. The thing is that I would like to know how use the minerals in meditation. I will check that book.
  11. minerals in meditation

    Hi, I recently bought some minerals for chakra meditation. Does someone how use them correctly? Also, I read once that mo pai uses a mineral while meditation, a black mineral i think, does someone know something about this mineral? Is it the same that the mineral used for the Muladhara meditation?
  12. Tien Tao Chi kung

    I have the course, but it seems to use only normal breathing. I am no sure, but I did not see reverse breathing. Also, I did not read the all book. Does someone know if I am right in this?
  13. Tien Tao Chi Kung

    Thanks, I did not know that there was a same topic
  14. Tien Tao Chi Kung

    Is there someone who have been practising these techniques? Also, it seems a taoist nei kung although it does not say something about reverse breathing. Is it effective?
  15. Hello from New Jersey

    Hello to everyone, I am Leandro from Argentina, I living in New Jersey. I have been practicing martial arts for many years, and in the last four years I have been practicing Bagua. Also, I am trying to do sitting meditation, but I have some difficulties, so I hope you can give me some advices.