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  1. Dharma

    I think the essence of it is that you must think and decide things for yourself. For me personally, while my senses are illusory--in that everything I percieve is a creation of my own mind--knowing this does nothing for me, practically. It does not change the way I percieve things, and it certainly does not make what I percieve reality to be any less real. In my opinion, falling on the argument that all things are illusory is a way to not take responsibility for your own actions, and is also a way to give up on our lives and submit to things we feel we cannot change. It's the whole "going with the flow," thing... which deep down I dislike. Again, we think and decide things for ourselves... and whatever choices we make, we must live with. So live with them, embrace them, along with all the other emotions conjured up by the senses, illusory as they may be, and continue to make your decisions based upon them. Embrace Passion. Scold Apathy. "An illusion can kill you if you believe in it." "And the real thing can kill you if you believe in it or not." (Servant of the Shard)
  2. increasing energy by inducing blockages?

    It sounds as though you are equating energy with a form of metaphysical fuel, that exists independetly of your body. Your body, and the processes that occur within your body, is the energy.

    What I should have added to my previous post was... I feel that you should induldge your ego! But do it honestly. Don't ever think you are greater than what you are, because you are setting yourself up for failure. And it all hinges on brutal self honesty. Lie to other people all you want, but the moment you begin lying to yourself and fall victim to denial of your failures, you've done what most people refer to as inflated your ego. It's puffed up and stretched, and can easily burst at the slightest poke. "It's not braggin' if you can do it!" (?)

    Personally, I think shutting down the ego entirely is not beneficial. I am a human being, and I am selfish by nature. Is this wrong? Is this a weakness? No, I do not think so. In fact, I believe everything we do is done with the self in mind, in some form or another. Even being generous is selfish, because it makes you feel good about yourself. But I do believe we can easily put too much focus on the mask that is our ego, and not enough stock in the face behind the mask. To clarify my position, I believe the ego is important so, realistically, you don't get stepped on by your enemies or those who would seek to take advantage of you. But if you focus on beefing up the ego and not beefing up yourself, then you run the risk of protecting yourself with an illusory suit of armor... instead of a real suit of armor. Figuratively speaking, that is. =D However, I wish to say that I am not a Taoist, and my philosophy of life runs contrarry to "going with the flow." "Peace is Death! Pursue Conflict!" (First Rule of Nine, Draco Mortose)
  5. Hello

    Hello, everyone. After reading some things by Shanlung on a different Taoist forum (Tea House) where he made mention of this place, I figured I'd come check it out. Happy to be here. =)