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  1. Orgasm from "dancing Palm"

    Thank You! Very helpful and interesting informaion.
  2. Orgasm from "dancing Palm"

    Yes, very helpful! And, thanks again. Also, I am quite enjoying reading the Robert Bruce material. It may have already provided some insight as the disconnect I was getting with my lower chakras.
  3. Orgasm from "dancing Palm"

  4. Orgasm from "dancing Palm"

    ...and would enter a full 3 hour trance, and at the deepest level I would project sexual desire as an emotion into her, also feeling waves of pleasure as though from her perspective as if I WAS her. She would ALWAYS wake up, and we would ALWAYS make love after that. That to me is enough real world evidence I was really doing something. What I don't understand, how you have the time for a three hour trance? Wow! No disrespect intended. Also, can you teach this; what you do exactly to "project" this sexual energy into your girlfriend? What is your process while in the trance? Obviously you have developed a way to really focus on something very specifically...which I understand. That is necessary in any meditation, even if the focus is on simply being empty of thought. Please share your process and what you do- think to focus your thoughts- energy for creating sexual desire in someone else.
  5. Orgasm from "dancing Palm"