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  1. Healing Power of Qi Gong

    Thanks guys. Im wondering if there is actually a chinesse doctor in my area........I mean....I used to live in NY and im sure they are abundant im in West Virginia and its not quite as easy. It took me 2 years to get a dermatologist in my area
  2. Healing Power of Qi Gong

    I didnt realize there was so much on Qi Gong.............someone point me in the right direction........whats a good book to start with? Also why say psoriasis with Qi Gong is a piece of cake...........are u implying that if a person was to practice Qi Gong, it would heal psoriasis? I realize there are many many more fatal diseases out there and I hope that if anyone can be healed using Qi Gong, i would strongly recommend it to them. But ppl with psoriasis feel there's no cure, theres no hope of it getting affects things physically (especially the 20% of psoriasis patients that develop psoratic arthritis as well as affecting things emotionally and mentally. Its really a horrible disease for anyone that has it. Im hoping Qi Gong.........well it may not heal me (maybe it does)..........i know one thing it will do........reduce stress which is the main reason I feel I have this. How does one manipulate the mind skillfully? Im sorry im asking so many questions, its just im really interested in all of this. For something that can cure illnesses that modern day doctors say cannot be cured is definitely interesting
  3. Healing Power of Qi Gong

    Like fruits and veggies? I never know what to eat and what not to eat. And if ppl say no meat doesnt that mean never any meat or does it mean cut down on it? I have started drinking a ton of water lately.
  4. Healing Power of Qi Gong

    Thanks guys........I will definitely look into some of your suggestions. And I totally agree with Lin........about having to change the root cause. The problem is with Psoriasis, its quite difficult to determine the root seems to change with different people. For example, some ppl get psoriasis by eating the wrong foods, some get it from stress, some get it from being deficiant in vitamins...etc etc. Im not only looking to rid myself of this disease but to get to the root cause so that it doesnt return. What is Kunlun?
  5. Healing Power of Qi Gong

    Hello this is my first post and im trying to gain a bit of information. Little backdrop............ I've suffered from a skin disease since birth called psoriasis. One of the major causes of this is Stress. There was a couple people on a psoriasis message board that I belong to that suggested Qi Gong. I became interested and thats why I joined this site. Im interested in the healing aspects of Qi Gong. How can that be obtained? Im at a point in my life where im willing to do anything possible to rid myself of this horrible disease and if Qi Gong can do it then thats what im wanting to do. Any suggestions on how I can get started?
  6. hello

    my name is john i just joined to hopefully learn a bit more about Qi Gong.