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  1. The reality of Max Christensen

    Nobody is that insecure. It is a matter respect for Max and all the effort he is making to teach those of us who care to learn. Lama Dorje was a name and title given to him. The students call him Max is his workshops.
  2. Kunlun Level 2

    Thanks for your clarification. Another question for who care to answer: I often have spontenous Kunlun movements outside of my dedicated practice sessions. Though unscheduled, I allow it to take its own course if I am at a safe place. These too can be quite intense. Is closing down needed for these movement that happens on its own?
  3. Kunlun Level 2

    One thing that is happening a lot is that I get dizzy spaced out and exhausted spinning during Kunlun if I allow my body to do its thing. I don't know if this almost fainting dizzy feeling is what some call the *death experience* or sth else. I often do Red Phoenix immediately after K1 . A more advanced student said one can continue w/o closing kunlun and let the kunlun enrgy work the red phonix. The closing is done after both practices. In this case, shall I do the right over left red phoenix closing or the left over right kunlun closing at the end of the session? One more question: Does one need to do a closing down after doing K1 before K2? I assume that closing is not done as the book said something like to continue w/o break. Thanking all in advance for helping to clear up these questions.
  4. Max's Gamma Radiation

    Thank you so much for making this available again. After attending Max's seminar in San Diego, I am convinced that he is teaching and transmitting sth extraordinary. He certainly isn't into a cult following. I have seen enough of cults like TM and Art of Living that encourage students into becoming total followers, volunteering long hours for nothing while charging huge fees for every little program. This is certainly not the case here. Max is truly a great teacher, who doesn't even want the status of one.
  5. KunLun Medicine and Healing Seminar

    No scorpion (dead or alive) was used. It is the name of a technique. You can learn this form Max (lama Dorje) after you take Kunlun Level 1. I have not taken this class yet. I took Kunlun 1 three weeks ago. Spontaneous Kunlun is the most powerful technique I learn. I had done Zen, Vipasana, Kriya Yoga & other techniques.
  6. my intro

    A week ago, I learned Spontaneous Kunlun & Red Phoenix for Max (Lama Thunderbolt). Though am exposed to Taoist legends and Qigong before I always felt that the stories of the immortals were myths or the method to attain the state had been lost. This changed when I met Max ..... I am here to learn and share the experience of the journey.