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    Namaste everyone. Introduction: I come to this forum after as a soul-searching 25 year old male. I underwent a complete revival of everything that I hold sacred over the last two years of this life. I have given up promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, meat-eating, and other forms of self-abuse (such as masturbation). I have been practicing yoga for two years and pranayam (or qi gong as it's more commonly referred to here) for almost a year. I am a student of traditional oriental medicine and I have also studied naturopathy, psychology, and philosophy. I am a bibliophile, a musician, and a true animal lover. Purpose: My purpose in joining this website was to share my journey of 100 days of seminal retention with others, such that they may use my "ledger" as an outline should they decide to undertake something similar; for mutual encouragement. I had a journal on another website, but that was more for couples' sexual practices and porn addicts. Being a single male with no remaining addictions, and a huge interest in Daoism, Yoga, and internal alchemy, I humbly hope to be a beneficial addition to the community. Method (Kung fu): I will utilize daily breathwork-based meditation (pranayam) based on the guided teachings of Baba Swami Ramdev, a guru of India. My yoga will follow under the style and practice of Chinese yogi Wai Lana. I will stick to these two teachers only, as I've run into trouble in the past by trying to take in teachings from too many teachers and being overwhelmed by conflicting wisdom. Or following teachers I have a sexual desire for. Heh. I will also run approximately 40 miles a week, as I have been lately, in my training for my first marathon next October. During my training and cultivation I will cross train with any number of aerobics-type exercise videos in kickboxing, step, plyometrics, Ab-blasting, bun-firming, etc. That will provide variety, some eye candy, and be a good break from running, lifting heavy weights, and cultivating, respectively. As my progress furthers, and my energy begins to border on over-effulgence, I will reduce my caloric intake, expenditure through weight lifting, and spend more time in seated meditation and reading. In these early days, I will do my best to exhaust my energy and tension sources through running and long Yoga sessions. Issues: I know many people here practice Tai Chi Chuan, but I have, respectfully, yet to gain an appreciation for it, and I am taking an academic Tai Chi course taught by an accomplished leader in the coming months, so I will leave that be til then. I think that the reason it seems like fancily standing around, at this point, is because I haven't been regularly in touch with my dantien. This is evidenced by the fact that I sputter my breath and become overly absorbed in its warm feeling, losing the Shen-Blood connection, whenever I deeply connect with it. The other issue that I have been trying to do too much at once, such as testicle breathing, spinal transmutation, etc., while running, instead of setting aside time for it during seated meditation, or utilizing some techniques during Yoga asanas (or postures). As a result, my tension has increased, and yang energy has been blowing off the lid, which my Yoga practice has been less enduring in relieving. Re-cap: I am designating Yoga as my time for flexibility work and revitalization. Meditation is my time for definition and reflection. And running, aerobics, and weightlifting time is for tense-energy expression and obviously physical fitness. That was a lot to read so thanks to anyone who made it this far. I'm not certain that everything will pan out as I hope, and thus I hope to have many mutually enlightening discussions with you all along the way... such that we may grow from the experience of life, and inner love, all the more. With LOVE, Lung-ma Dragon Horse