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  1. Ubuntu

    I have a Netbook and used Wubi to make it a dual boot. So I have both Windows XP and ubuntu desktop. I like the flexibility of having both. IMO Ubuntu is great for using a Netbook just to browse the web. My GUI install came with Firefox. However, there can be media compatability licensing issues. I don't think it's possible to stream Netflix in Ubuntu(because it requires Microsoft Silverlight). MP3 also seemed to have licensing issues but I think there are work arounds for it. So if you're managing music files it could be a minor annoyance.
  2. New to Tao

    Really? Cause I like spicey food like Hunan Chinese.
  3. Anti-Anxiety Music

  4. New to Tao

    Thanks. I hope to better understand some terminology while visiting this site. I think I get the basic gist of things like Yin and Yang and the familiar symbol in ChiDragon's avatar. Personally, I'm not sure where I am in terms of spirituality or religion. I tend to meander all over the place. I also find myself influenced by skeptics/atheists. I think one main person I feel similar to spiritually is Neil Degrasse Tyson in his videos when he raves about the Cosmos and astrophysics. I kind of connect with that same feeling when I look at the deep space Hubble pictures.
  5. New to Tao

    I've been interested in Buddhism for a while and about a month ago picked up a copy of Tao Te Ching in a used book store. I had been curious about what exactly Taoism was about. Both Buddhism and Taoism seem to be pretty good practical approaches to life, yet both also have some religious trappings attached to them I'm not sure about. I recently read a Kindle book called Taoism 101 that was a good break down on the basics. The author of that book also mentioned this very website.... and so here I am.