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  1. Experiments with meditation...

    The energy from my crown was "different". I don't know how to explain it though. I think chi might be "recyclable" energy. This would explain its eternal presence in the universe.
  2. Hello bums, I am here today to reveal to you some crazy insights of my own experience experimenting with a few theories on meditation as a whole. I think the spirals (fingertips, toes, soles and crown) of the human anatomy might be "chi" magnets to flushing out the somatic entanglements in the body itself! My mindset and practice is similar to Bruce Lee's: “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” I have been experimenting on my own with meditation (more leaning towards daoism than others) and have found that with my mind focused on breathing in, I can absorb external energy from my fingertips (spirals), my thumb "closes" one of the fingers off when I press against it. I rotate my thumb to each finger when I breathe out. I feel the energy up my arms through my thyroid and down my spine to my groin. I do this in full-lotus and when I exhale, I feel the energy run out of the spirals from my toes and my soles. As I continue to do this I feel energy slowly run through the crown of my head into my brain down to my belly and eventually into my balls (cultivation?). I was wondering if anybody else has come across this. What are your thoughts? I will continue this "experiment" and let you guys knows how it goes.
  3. In-Yo!/s/Moon/52aSQf?src=5 I was listening to this song tonight and I felt it represented this symbol perfectly.
  4. In-Yo

    Okinawan national flag.
  5. In-Yo

    The sun-moon dynamic is very present. I see more than that though, I see: Universe and solar system. Membrane and nucleus. Environment and embryo. White and yolk. Etc. Here is the name of the symbol in Japanese: 陰陽. I find this symbol to be beautiful and resonate with my core philosophy. I'm going to dedicate my life to finding out as much information about this symbol as possible. -EDIT- It also reminds me of the last boss in Kirby's Dreamland 3: Zero.
  6. In-Yo This is one of the only websites in english that mentions it.
  7. Liver/Kidney purgatory

    Hey, sorry about the delayed response Seeker of Wisdom and thanks for your response, it has helped. The secrets are more about me not having full power over my life. That what my parents did to me when they lied about who my real father was. About how my real father was too chicken shit to try and face me earlier in life. About how all 3 adults in my life were unknowingly creating a conspiracy that would later make me paranoid to trust anyone. I was bullied immensely at school too. This made me shy and anxious (especially with women). The secrets also entail me not letting anyone know that I'm not ok and that I do need to connect with others and expose my vulnerabilities to them. Things like needing their help and looking for wisdom from others. I like to think I can learn all on my own where the opposite is very much true. I want to think that I can do it all on my own. I suppose the big secret is letting the world know I can't, and that terrifies me. Hope that helps to give you a clearer picture.
  8. In-Yo

    I just discovered this symbol tonight! I've had dreams about it thinking it was something I made up, but it's real!!! What I find fascinating is that it's the Japanese interpretation of the Yin Yang. But what I want to know is where did it came from exactly. Where did the birth of this symbol arise? Are there any books related to its origins (I'm having trouble finding any)? I need to know! I found Barry Ichman's The Tao of Ninpo tonight on Amazon hoping that it might trace back to the origins of this fascinating symbol: And of course there's you guys who can help me with your vast wisdom and knowledge on this very subject.
  9. Hello fellow Daoists, I would like to pose a conundrum to you all. You see, as of recent, I have been lying to myself for a long time. I have held secrets about myself that relate to vulnerability in order to appear strong and perfect. This has lead to a lot of energy sitting in my lower torso. My psychological disposition is stuck in hyper-stress where I exist alone away from anyone and I spend this capacity of awareness and attention towards the internet. I am a junkie for information and I'd rather indulge in the many possible pursuits of life in my dreams via my imagination. I am a masturbatory glut for I'm not willing to face women and learn more about myself through the constant rejection of who I currently am. I know full well that rejection is healthy, because it teaches you about yourself and what one must do to improve upon oneself. I eat like crap. Junk food (much like junk information) is my soothing mate, who evaporates once the food is in my system revealing to me that he is a vacuous demon sapping my organs to function properly. At this current state, the skin around my eyes have wrinkled in a short amount of time. I have blackheads galore, the colour of my skin around the bottom bag and top lid of both of my eyes is dark brown and I sneeze everyday constantly. The bottom half of my torso feels tight and constantly aches. I suffer from loneliness and I feel that my friends who I have are avoiding me. I'm not so sure if that last part is just in my head, but it influences me to evade their company because I prefer to imagine what they're thinking instead of finding out what they're actually thinking. I live inside my imagination with out any sort of pragmatism to transmute my dreams into reality (I fear the danger of my perception not matching up to objective reality). Anyways, I was hoping to receive some sage advice from some of the higher Daoist wizards and see if you guys can bestow some light on these darkened times in my life. Thanks guys.
  10. A new beginning

    Also, what is the opinion on Wilhelm's The Secret of the Golden Flower?
  11. A new beginning

    Thanks Basher, much appreciated. Well, to start off with, how about molestation and rape?
  12. A new beginning

    Thanks guys. Thanks Basher. I've got Mantak Chia on the look out. What are the alternatives that you are a fan of? ???
  13. A new beginning

    Hello fellow Tao Bums. I am here because I have discovered something that has been with me perhaps right at the time the universe birthed everything as far as the present. I discovered it a few years ago and I felt that it has been with me since the dawn of existence; as if I just woke up. Upon my travels through the internet, I wanted to find out if there was a connection, in some way, from sexuality and spirituality. I've always felt intuitively that they are intrinsically connected and that one exists in the corporeal world and the other in the celestial realm. I believe sex is an incredibly delicate act that can have the properties to heal and destroy an individual. I believe sexual trauma is the worst of all traumas and that I feel it vastly affects one's own constitution, and if disregarded, imploring inhibition to create a sickly, toxic catalyst that then finds it's way (either sexually or non-sexually) into other psyche's spreading it's invisible toxicity through out the world. I believe in the act of sex though, and that abstinence from this can be just as dangerous. Perhaps I am in the wrong place, I'm not sure, but I'm here. I'm certainly not of the desire to become some kind of Qigong master (ha! have a listen to me!), but I most definitely would like to experience some of the ways of Taoism. I read this article called "The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm" by Michael Winn and it helped reinforce what I felt I already intuitively knew. So here I am. I'm not so sure if this is the right place as of yet, and I've only glossed through some of the threads on this forum thus far, but I feel that this will at least get me closer to what I feel is an important endeavour in my life time. I would love to hear the opinions of anyone willing to lend me the advice I need. Even if it is direct in telling that I am wasting my time; so be it. Anything at all would be delightful, thank you.