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  1. Wudang Neigong

    "Called Wudang, it had many similarities to Shaolin but it's main difference was its focus on a "soft" or internal style of development. Now, while the Shaolin school and its external focus remained the more popular, the mysterious power of Wudang” That statement is false and if you truly studied Shaolin from Shaolin shifus/ monks from the Songshan Shaolin Temple , China, then you would know that Wudang does NOT have any similarities to Shaolin. False advertising . Shaolin kung fu and the whole shaolin culture is based on these 3 gems: Shaolin kung fu & qigong (yi ji jing, ba duan jin) chán(Zen) Buddhism and Shaolin medicine. Shaolin also is the origin of 禪 Chán Buddhism before it traveled to Japan and became known as Zen. Shaolin monks/ warrior monks actually spend a lot of time doing meditation (hours) at the temple. Not only do they do qigong meditations but they primarily do a lot of sitting meditation- on being empty. Shaolin is the ultimate in combining the yin and yang - soft and hard. Their moves are soft but hard when necessary. The " rou quan" is exactly that. Qi is everything to Shaolin but from studying with the monks for quite some time - I have discovered that Shaolin is not just kung fu as everybody believes them to be. They truly are focused on being one with the mind and body. Chán Buddhism is their core and everything that they do surrounds Chán (ZEN). That is if they are truly from Shaolin - some people out there claim to be the real deal of Shaolin but true Shaolin is quite remarkable . They are show cats but also very humble men . Also, I would be very leery of this Wudang advertisement . Where is the demo video ?
  2. I am a female and think this way though. I am neither wiccan, pagan, christian , muslim, etc.... I am Buddhist. Most females depend on males for financial stability and procreation/family therefore become more involved with the role play of the female as mother and wife. The household (as in the husband/father) is dependent on them to care for it. Now to cultivate takes a lot of time and where does the female have time for this? Now for me- I meditate, kung fu, qi gong, tai chi, conservation of my jing is important to me since it is what keeps people young . I had a successful career and am a very confident individual and educated as well. I am financially stable on my own. I am also a mother and a wife however my husband is not like me whatsoever - he is opposite than I. So I completely understand what you men are talking about. I seek the same type of companion as I am getting deeper into my own cultivation. Its a conflict and it bothers me a great deal . I'm not young but I look damn good for my age and have men all the time around me so.... maybe its my "light" that turns them on or whatever. But then again, females are driven by the hormones they possess and it can either drive you mental or help you. Women worry about their looks because they know that men will leave them or be open to an affair if they don't keep up -- they will get traded in for a younger model. right? How attractive are women in their 60s ? or even 50s? vs a 30 year old? If the 30 y/o is rubbing your leg and your wife ain't around- don't tell me you would tell her to stop. When I retire, I plan to go and become a nun somewhere... seriously.... because of you men!
  3. Question on karma

    If the psychic was accurate (only about 70% of them are), then the role reversal is exactly going as planned for karma to be resolved. Its about perspective too as well and when you're young, the perspective is more narrow than widened as you get older. Things may get resolved slowly without you really realizing. love and compassion is the key...
  4. Looking For Complete Internal Arts System

    Hi, I've have been doing martial arts for the last 15 years and now do Tai Chi in the last couple of years. Its harder for me to actually do the Yang style Tai chi because its so slow. Chen style Tai chi forms are a cross between yang slower movements with some harder moves as in kung fu. Authentic Chen style shifus (masters) are harder to find . Tai Chi is the internal energy and martial arts is the external energy. Coordinate your movements with your mind - "shen" and physical body - allow that energy (Qi )to flow through your meridians and sinew (tendon/ligament) channels is what gets your body to become a whole system of power. To exert the qi- energy at the very moment that you need it brings you the power of true exertion - to bring the internal energy from your dantien (your lower abdomen- the source of all of your original qi ) through your meridians to the strike of a kick or punches is what determines how hard the blow is -- that takes a lot of practice- years ... Therefore meditation is very important when practicing martial arts. You can become a walking force of qi energy if you practice accordingly. However, not all martial arts styles uses the same concept. You have to find the right master/teacher as well .
  5. A friendly hello :)

    Hello and glad to have found this great site! Your topics are exactly what I have been researching for the last few years. I'm an Asian female who has been practicing martial arts for about 15 years ... I have had some very strange things that have happened to me ever since I was a child so needless to say, these "Tao discussions" piques my interests greatly.