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  1. I cannot log off! Nothing is posting either!

  2. This is my obligatory post

    I hope you have a great session! I'm training as well today.....been too busy the last week, so it is going to feel great!
  3. This is my obligatory post

    Thank you Basher! Yeah, you're right about that post title, I wanted to post on the bagua thread but had to post in the lobby first. Titles are not my forte so I posted the first thing that came to mind.... I'm not familiar with Robert Smith(unless you are talking about the cure) but I have read bruce francis and a few others. The thing about bagua is that even the best written book is no substitute for a good teacher, one who can not only teach but use the bagua like second nature. It is extemely rare to find and individual like this, I just got lucky. Right time and place.... Anyway if you want to see some quality practicioners, look at these gentlemen: He Jing Han He Jin Bao Micheal Guen They each have a youtube channel and you can see the difference in practice as well; The Gong Bao Tien line features an "open body" approach that involves getting you shoulders back and down, among other points, while the Men Bao Zhen has a closed approach. The other main difference between the two is that the palm are named differently one based on our body organs and one based on animals, respectively. He Jing Han was taught by Gong Bao Zhi and is the banner carrier for the Yin Fu/ Gong Bao Tien line. He Jin Bao was taught by Xie Peiqi and is the banner carrier for the Yin Fu/Men Bao Zhen line Micheal guen is the banner carrier for the Yin Fu/Gong Bao Tien line in North America. Hope this helps you! Also, I found a guy in England that is pretty good and has a channel called internalartstv. Not sure where but you may be close to him....
  4. This is my obligatory post

    Thanks De paradise! You rock bro!
  5. This is my obligatory post

    What do I think now? I think you should have thicker skin and learn to forgive those who don't seem sincere enough for you. It amazes me that this bothered you so much...I just wanted to get my "hi how you doing" post out of the way to get on to something meaningful. Now I have reservations about that. To be honest it didn't become an experiment until I was left to flap in the wind. It didn't really bother me much at all and I decided that I wouldn't share anything with a group of people who can't even say hello or welcome me to the site. Which leads me to your post...why did you put obligated in quotes? That is what made me question weather you were joking or not. I want you to know I appriciate you posting but like I said before I'm a bit awkward sometimes. I hope you never have to deal with that because it can really suck sometimes. Also, If you are saying that I'm not ernest then you are making one hell of a snap decision based on one post that I made. You have to try being my friend before you can say anything like that. I am not some noob taoist for you to look down upon. I just want the respect anyone should deserve, instead of instant chastisement. I would rather be friends than rivals so the ball is in your court. Hope you have a great weekend too!
  6. This is my obligatory post

    Hey there! Just curious.....did you even read what I posted or did you just react to the topic thread? So far you are the only one to post and you seemed a little rude dispite your Namaste at the end, but I am socially awkward so maybe you were attempting to be humorous and I just didn't understand. The interesting thing is that I used that title as a social experiment to see how welcoming you people are in situations where understanding others intentions is concerned. Thank you all for your help!
  7. Baguazhang

    Just be careful to avoid the Wushu versions of Bagua(I know Wushu means martial art, I'm talking about the sport version) There are many forms of Bagua that are more for the Chinese Opera and are very flashy but the martial viability is questionable.
  8. This is my obligatory post

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and practice Yin Fu Bagua. Been training for about six years, not counting my past training in Kempo and TKD. Bagua saved my life because my body was all messed up from years of abuse....now I am transformed and I have way more of a "Bagua Body". I would really like to add to some of the bagua posts here Hope you all have a great day!