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  1. Hello,I'm new.

    Thanks for messages. We had been seeing each other for over 4 years.I don't want to make it appear that she was the only one with problems but I think the problem that broke us up was she had trouble making a commitment.She told me early on in our relationship that she had ended a shorter relationship before me because of that.And this is what she said was the reason she was ending our relationship,"I am not ready to make a commitment,I not sure I ever will" .She was in an abusive marriage and he eventually left her after she discovered him cheating. So it could be she was afraid of being hurt again.Ironically the week before our split she left some personal items at my house,she said so she would not have to worry bringing them in the future.I saw this as an amazing step forward ,obviously a step too far.I don't think I will ever know the real reason. I like the idea that Tao gives of there being a path that we follow like a river running to the sea. Let the world unfold without always attempting to figure it all out,gives me some peace of mind that some things are meant to.As does,When expectations are shattered practice allowing that to be the way it is. I also like the idea that endings lead to beginnings,for my future.
  2. Hello,I'm new.

    I'm trying to get over a long term relationship which broke up recently with many unanswered questions. So as we'll as the pain I am trying to seek an understanding of what happened. Then yesterday I got turned down for a job I was interested in and thought would help raise my moral and spirits but I am now( or was until I discovered Tao on the Internet) feeling pretty low.Im 55 and although I hope I have many years to go,time is running out to achieve some happiness. I saw some translated quotes from the Tao which really struck accord with who I am and how I deal with life. It made me look at my present situation in a different light and I started to feel better.Ive sent for some books to find out more.Not just dealing with relationships but I would like to change my whole approach to life.Im afraid I am not a religious person which requires you to believe in a god,but I think I would like to understand something that was spiritual and somehow connected with Nature. Then I saw this. Anyway hello is what I was trying to say.