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  1. Self Taught Neigong?

    Have you practiced it, is it the reaaaaal deaaaal?!?! lol
  2. Self Taught Neigong?

    Hello fellow wayfairers, I find myself with very low energy now and for the past, maybe, 6 months. Before that time and especially a few years back I was typically a high energy person and fairly well centered/grounded. I think Qigong/neigong is the way to fix that for me. I have 2 books which came highly recommended, The Way of Energy by Master Lam Kam Chuen and Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body by Bruce Frantzis. Ive begun practicing Zhang Zhuang along with some of the internal techniques and body alignments Frantzis talks about and I have felt a increasingly strong chi sensation as I practice as if I'm improving and tapping into my chi. I also feel more energetic after a practice session. The closest things to chi instruction I have near me is a shoddy Aikido dojo and a young american Tai Chi Chuan instructor that claims to have spent time studying it in China. Now my question is, is it possible to learn Qigong exclusively from books, videos, and mindful practice? Anyone here have success with self/book taught Qigong for healing themselves? Should I try out the Tai Chi guy? I appreciate your help friends
  3. hey its a new guy

    Salutations fellow bums, I'm not sure how I found this site (late night semi-conscious internet searching) but I'm glad I did and I can say that this community has helped me already; specifically the information on entity issues. Now I have had some pretty far out experiences recently and I'm looking for wisdom and advice on these things. If you have had any experience with entities or psychic attacks I would love to talk to you about it. To everyone else, hello and thanks for welcoming me to this community. -Blake