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  1. T'ai Chi & QiGong Internally and externally speaking, Gong Fu is indeed an inexhaustable well of spiritual knowing. Those of you who study or practice either one of the above mentioned disciplines, I have a question. What would you tell someone if they were trying to find out why these disciplines are so widely written about, revered and meditated upon? What have YOU gained from them? The statement, "The Shaolin and The Wu-Tang could be dangerous." only means, "The external and internal martial arts, once combined, could be dangerous." Why is this so? We all know that the external arts are deadly, but what specifically makes the internal arts even deadlier? In my own personal pursuit of many styles, I find the internal arts to be most beautiful. Simply because they've given me a much richer understanding of many other fields of study. For example, studying QiGong, I completely understand Dr. Jose Arguelles' guidelines for evolution. Etc. I would like to read your personal insights, not something you just snatched off of some website somewhere. Even if you did go to a website, reply with your own voice. Your own understanding and intuition.
  2. hi there

    im fatal and i looking to learn more as it pertains to taoism