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  1. Healing Power of Qi Gong

    hi, I am from India. Psoriasis is not that common here. Still I have heard stories of people curing it. Here is how. 1) Most do swami Ramdev's pranayama. You can get his dvds form here: He has a special program for skin diseases. One of my dad's friends partially healed from life long leucoderma. He is a very accomplished yoga guru in India. Don't worry, he is not a phony. 2) Try homeopathy. I use the homeopathy of They have pictures in their clinics of people getting rid of psoriasis. 3) Qigong, microcosmic meditation should help. I am not an expert on this topic. There are other luminaries on the forum who know much more. cheers Smruti
  2. qigong for slipped disk

    I have mostly healed. I want to go the full way. I was looking at Taoist practices. I heard that deficiency of kidney yang can lead to neck problems. Is this true ? Please respond with qigong/taoist methods to take care of slipped disk problems in the neck.
  3. qigong for slipped disk

    hi, I have a slipped disk in my neck C3-C4. My upper back is a bit tight. What do you think I should do ? Please advise. Waiting for your generous advice Amansaari
  4. safety of mantak chia's practices

    Ok, I understand that a lot of these problems are with the sexual retention exercises. What about the basic inner smile, healing sounds, and microcosmic orbit exercises. Are these safe ? I am not talking about the advanced practices yet.
  5. hi, I am new to this group. I have just begun to practice Mantak Chia's system from his DVDs. I had the following questions. 1) How safe are the practices of the microcosmic orbit and healing love techniques like the upward draw ? 2) Should I open the functional (front) channel first and then try these techniques ? 3) Is it possible for me to accidentally awaken my kundalini by doing these practices ? How should I minimize the risk ? 4) What other safe guards need to be maintained ? thanks a lot -amansaari
  6. hi everyone

    hi everybody, I am new to this site. I have started doing Mantak Chia's qigong. Hope it gets my chi to flow. thanks -a