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  1. Meditation as a cure for mental illness

    Inspirational. Thank you for sharing. As a counselor, it is great to hear of successes without medications. I do not believe everyone needs medications as so many people believe. I teach meditation to my clients to try to help them realize other ways that can help them.
  2. Study: Meditation Alters DNA

    It is the same thing-I was trying to put it in terms where everyone would understand what I meant.
  3. Study: Meditation Alters DNA

    It is saying that they can alter which genes are "turned on and which are turned off." In my mind it is more of what is and is not activated...
  4. Kunlun New Jersey Workshop

    Oh goodie..that means I have a place to sleep also hee hee hee
  5. Why I Seek Power

    I feel that you are just able to define your path and that is a good thing. Not everyone is on the same path, as you said. Some people can accept that (as you can) others can not.
  6. Why I Seek Power

    mwight, I commend you in your search. Please continue to share
  7. what is a person?

    It is VERY true! I admit this from my perspective of a Counseling standpoint. There are many people that will admit this. One of my professors who has a PhD in Psychology will admit this also. There is not a problem with admitting this. The problem is that the way in which the media will portray this. The truth is just as Oolong Rabbit said, it is an art not a science. The problem is that they are trying to push an art into the Medical Model. I don't know how many people know about the medical model but that is all about the disease. Mental illness is not a disease though. That is the problem. They are trying to fit the square peg into the round hole. My profession is Counseling which has NOTHING to do with prescription drugs. It is talk therapy, which other have a problem with also. In my opinion, if someone needs someone to speak to in a guided manner, that is my profession. It is not what many think though. It is not the Freudian couch scenario. It is controversial just as there are many things on this forum controversial. It is what I will say again, What is the path you choose? Is there tangible truth? No--just as in psychiatry, counseling, psychology. As I said, there is a difference in psychiatry, counseling and psychology. People often mistake them and interchange these even though there are distinct differences.
  8. what is a person?

    Sad, that if you say you hear voices stating certain things you are deemed schizophrenic... I agree with you that the US does try to pass off the art of Psychology as a science. They try to use science to back up their beliefs, but that certainly does not happen all the time. There are so many contradictions in their studies because it certainly is an art. Mental Health Counseling is an art...talk therapy that many people do not believe in either. Yes, you got sucked in...and I must take pride in that because like I said...I thrive off this hee hee
  9. what is a person?

    I have heard of the thud experiment. I actually have a copy of the study in front of me. There are MANY problems with the you tube video as a matter of fact. Some of things are true, but not all. The way the patients were admitted is almost all true, they all said they were hearing voices that said, "empty", "hollow", and "thud" After they were admitted they did act normal again. They were administered psychotropic drugs, but did not take any of them. Their stay ranged from 7-52 days with an average of 19 days. The most interesting thing about the experiment (in my opinion) was that the patients who WERE insane know that the pseudopatients were not insane. They would often tell the pseudopatients and the staff this. So, Psychiatry does have its problems and we in the field do admit it. I am not studying Psychiatry though, so I guess I am better off. There is a difference between Psychiatry and Psychology. In Psychology, we do also admit that we certainly do NOT have the all of the answers and are still looking. The same as anything we may follow at this time. There is no tangible truth in any of it, yet we all have our paths that we will follow. If anyone finds the monk, please let me know so I can explain why I have the hand LOL So, you are becoming awakened and achieving liberation in this life...may I ask how? What is your path?
  10. what is a person?

    Well, maybe that is the problem..my BA is in Psychology...my MA (I am currently going for) will be in professional mental health counseling. Could be that Psychology and Counseling are leading me down the wrong path... Hell, I am just a hand holding a lotus flower, what does that say about me??
  11. Kunlun New Jersey Workshop

    Ahh, I just don't want you complaining about paying for me...after all, you "are not made of cash" LMAO
  12. what is a person?

    Maybe it is, but I am an intellect at heart and thrive off this
  13. Kunlun New Jersey Workshop

    Hey now! I can pay my own way
  14. what is a person?

    So, from your view, what do you view as the reason you are here now as in your life? I realize I am opening a can of worms and there may be some people that are going to get upset because I am asking such a question where some will take it the wrong way and think I am asking "what is the reason for us?" That is not what I am asking though...I am asking you personally what you think your reason is. You believe that eventually you will realize truth. Have no pain, pleasure, etc. I am curious to see what you think of your life then. I would say that it is his belief and others may have doubts because that is not what they believe. Who are we to say who is right though? Maybe this view is correct. I look at people in my life that hold their convictions strong and have no doubt whereas I doubt their beliefs. From that experience, I tell myself to realize that they are going to believe what they want and it is not up to me to ask them if they doubt it. I will just respect them enough to let them have their beliefs whereas I will continue my search
  15. what is a person?

    Now THAT is an interesting concept. One many humans do not want to explore though... I like that train of thought though...