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  1. QiGong, Chi Kung

    I cannot control insomnia at the moment. I have decided to abandon this practice for a few weeks until I am aligned once more. I will be engaging in KY sodarshan chakra kriya, anuloma viloma and kirtan kriya. Progress will be posted on a ky yahoo group
  2. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 50. I have been unable to post due to the nature of my nite practice that was followed by sleep. However, as I have engaged in practice, I noticed continuos spontaneous movement during practice. It seems to be a challenge to be still and quiet the mind. As a final contemplation to the practice, I have decided to add some meditation, which has helped me maintained a settled mind, though I am unsure whether to maintain this neutrality following the practice. Minor respiratory issues have prevented me from doing spontaneous adjustment practice and the 3rd qigong practice. As soon as I overcome that hazard, I will continue my normal practice. I performed a 3 day tech gadget fast that allowed me to achieve a neutral mind faster. I will see what happens from here on.
  3. Extending Your Sitting Meditation Time

    I think tha after a certain period of time doing meditation, one comes across a major obstacle, some hindrance which may very well be the mind's last attempt to return back to an old pattern. During meditation, one tends to cultivate the neutral mind, and in doing so, one must fight the urges from the negative mind. As you progress in your meditation, you dissolve these blockages, leading you to a different or higher state of neutrality (if the description makes sense). For example, a cigarette addict decides to quit. As he or she quits, he finds urges to return, I feel that the blockages are the equivalent of urges. Also, the blockages are a bottled up emotion that gets released after a certain period of meditation. At least, I believe this is my interpretation of the facts. I also never heard of a blockage developing as a result of forcing meditation onto emotion. If you may recall, people that are nervous are told to take a deep breath in order to calm down. If this analogy makes sense, I would be surprised to think that people would suddenly develop an emotional blockage out of the habitual relaxation technique to calm themselves down. I never thought that a forced concentration would lead to a meditative state, but it would make sense if it was possible, as you are blocking all stimuli in order to favor that one thought. I believe that what you are doing is setting a pattern to deal with an event. I will also comment that this is a great idea, as the brain gets used to dealing with adverse circumstances on a more habitual basis.
  4. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 42. noticed more spontaneous movement in the neck area. im getting the hang of opening channels. However, I still cant do much of the exercises involving the back due to the lower back pain from insomnia. i will keep practicing with the tools that i have. I will maintain the current practice for another 1.5 months. After the time has passed, I will continue adding exercises.
  5. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 32. Tempted to restart. Received a vaccine that nearly shutdown my immune ystem, so I could not practice in such a precarious state. I performed the 3rd exercise in the series of jl's dvd. So far I have 10 essential qigong exercises...spontaneous qigong adjustment...and opening channels. I noticed that the opening channels exercise made me feel more grounded and at peace. Also noticed that the practice overall helped me feel more at ease with my own self.
  6. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 29. took 2 days off. noticed that there was less movement but more heat. Some mind chatter. Will focus less on chatter. 1 more day and will progress with exercises. I feel I should focus on the level 2 of exercises a little more.
  7. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 25 yesterday. Noticed that the mental chatter somewhat stopped, but continued to a certain extent. Some more spontaneous movement. I will advance the practice 5 days from now. As usual, taking 2 days off per week. I did notice that as I put my feet together after an exercise I feel like a magnetic sensation, or at least a different sensation that seems a little hard to explain with words. This similar sensation also seems to happen when I do gatheringg chi from heaven. As my hands approach the lower dan tian, I feel something different in my hands, a sensation present on the outside rather than the inside. @chi dragon: sometimes I seem to overlook certain subtleties. Thanks for the input on the lower dan tien.
  8. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 24. I have been taking 2 days off for every 7 days of practice, as advised by the kunlun book: kunlun system by max chris. Jenny lamb's dvd has general guidelines, but max tells the hows and the whys for practicing the way you do. I am still restricting back exercises due to sciatic pain from insomnia. Thx guys for your input. @chidragon. I have practiced deep diaphragmatic breathing, so my ability to breath, though not the highest possible one, it is at least advanced compared to the normal population. Breath is inhale exhale thru nose, breath with diaphragm. I feel that most of this asthma symptoms, which have subsided, came from the heat generated from the few beginning days of practiced, followed by an environment in a/c. In terms of deep breathing, I Ihave done 20 second breath for hours at a time. @leif. thx for the input. A few days ago, I discovered Max's advice, which I believe will very well promote a sound practice with qigong. I am following more advice from him as well on other areas of the practice, despite only using JL's system, since it seems like something both logical and good to follow. @chi dragon. Dan tian. I agree. However, I once thought that the lower dan tian corresponded to the belly. So, what you are saying that it does not necessarily correspond to the belly, but rather, the region that has to do with the diaphragm and the nerve bundles, etc.
  9. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 19. time flies. Have been working on the qigong. Yesterday did not do the leg stretching exercise, and today I did not do 3 warm-up exercises that involve stretching, due to the fact that there is back pain from insomnia. I have noticed mental chatter that I find it hard to quiet down. Need to keep working on it. Today's spontaneous knee movement was intense, I ended up stopping due to some knee pain. I believe this problem is more of a sleep issue than it is a practice issue, because insomnia has been rampant for over a month.
  10. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 14 yesterday. 10 ex. and adjustment. Noticed more spontaneous movement from adjustment, as I focused less on mental chatter and more on letting go. However, such movements caused me to become more self-conscious, which led to less spontaneous movements. I will do all I can to cultivate a neutral mind of awareness.
  11. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 13. felt at peace with myself after perfoming qigong. I have learned most of qigong parts starting from 10 ex. to adjustment. I believe the focus on myself instead of how the moves are done are what have given me that feeling of internal peace. Not caring much about the outcome has also empowered me. Rite now I simply feel at ease. Adjustment: a bit more movement on feet than usual. Mind wandered as well.
  12. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 11. 10 essential exercises and spontaneous adjustment. With spontaneous adjustment, I am still getting used to the timing. Some trembling on left and rite leg. Ocassional shrug in shoulders. I believe that max's kunlun has a lot of jenny's stuff. It may be the same pose. the one which I do for adjustment, reqs that you sit straight, almost 90 degree angle knees, with ankles up. I'm taking this practice real easy, since I understand it is pretty strong. Noticed stronger effects as I get more relaxed and mindless as well.
  13. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 8. Not sure abut what opening gates mean, any insight to it will be greatly appreciated. I re-read the best time to practice. Thanks for the pointer. I will change my practice accordingly. Practice 10 ex, and spontaneous qigong adjustment. I am just beginning the adjustment phase. Some movement in legs, but that's about it. Some internal peace. I will keep up for today.
  14. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 6. performed essential qigong exercises even after working out. Noticed that i dont get as fatigued, now that i have mastered the movement. 1 more day and I will be ready for the next phase. I also felt some asthma symptoms. I have to conclude that this kind of exercises open up the lungs like few other techniques i have used. I believe heat is generated as well. I noticed the breath and the slow movements help in calming the mind. I feel I should perform these exercises a little earlier during the day, as they have been performed between10-12pm. According to sources, it is recommended to practice between hrs of 4-10 because that is when a part of body is most open (the dan tien?) So a few q's to answer are, is it really this part of the body that is opened, the dan tien? Coincidence also that practice times are usually at the same time when the cortisol cycle of the body is highest(between 4-8pm). What relationship is there b/w body's hormonal cycle and the dan tien?
  15. QiGong, Chi Kung

    day 5. More practice of the 10 essential exercises. I noticed that I am now getting used to the exercises. It feels more like a warm-up than a major work-out. In 2 days I will begin the next phase.