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  1. I can't say as to this specific seminar what the particulars are - however, yes, it is my understanding that the $1K is for curriculum/lodging/food/ and.....should be for translation as well....the last time it was included. Why should a student have to pay separate for translation? The food is good - not heavy and it is served 3x a day.
  2. If there is one thing I can say about Jiang sifu it's this - it's rare in my opinion to touch and feel and experience first-hand a true masters power/ability and for that master to offer that to you without having to pass tests and for the most part gain acceptance/admission. Meaning - sure if you want access to the pai that's one thing but for knowledge/methodology that's another. Sure - he's a businessman - that in itself is a separate post - and not exactly a saint or a bodhisattva (then again who's to say?) but as my mother says - "it is what it is" and he's offering a means to acquire this ability. How far he is willing to take you is another question (who wants to go halfway?) The $$ side of it is always an issue. For those who have the time, money, and essentially freedom - well - good for you. For the rest of the bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it and is it worth it? I remember speaking to DV and he said that there are people who are willing to drop $40,000 for a car - what¡¯s' more important to you a car (which unless it's a few specific ones - depreciates in value) or learning this art which could be of immense value? For some people paying thousands of dollars for material goods is of great value - only you can determine what is of great value. I may think that bumble bees are cool and you may think it¡¯s an annoying insect that can inflict pain. For me it's honey and for you it¡¯s medical. Maybe Jiang sifu is taking advantage of his abilities? What would you do if you had these powers and there were people who would covet these abilities? Would you setup a school for free? A minor charge? Would you feel that what separates the potential student would be the difference of who made the payment? Maybe - for those that raised the funds and approached it in the right manner the master recognizes the effort. Maybe he's a just a greedy bastard. What would you or I do if we were in his shoes? So anyone got the balls to approach him and ask for a discount? Maybe he would agree? Maybe he'll fry your balls for asking. More than likely not in all seriousness as he would just bypass it and continue to do what he does. The question remains as to how many teachers have you studied with or experienced a time with that demonstrated unquestionably true power that could be seen and felt personally? I would bet that many have not. Whatever the case - what's it worth to you?
  3. This is a private teaching with Master Wang - NOT a large group. The energy vortex created is very apparent within the smaller group. In fact it is something that will not easily be forgotten.
  4. K?

    Muz - I agree with your reasoning and these other morons need to go back to their conditioning sessions.
  5. The post was not necessarily meant for you in particular but a general posting for all who may be interested. "I'm not arguing that the price is not adequate." - adequate? - no the word would be incredible. "I'd just like to know what the situation will be like when one gets there." - read the links that Kathy provided - go to the site etc. There is more than enough information on previous seminars in Jinhua and Dalian. "It makes a difference to me whether there's a group of 20 or of 300." - the last one I attended in April was with approx., 30+ > this group was easily handled and each participant in IMO received good teaching. "It also makes a difference to me whether I sleep in a double room or with six people in one room." Not completely sure of the sleeping arrangements - we had the option of either sharing a room (there are pictures of the rooms) which can sleep up to three. Most shared rooms at the lower cost and a couple had their own room but paid a higher price. "It would also be cool to hear whether Master Wang will teaches classes all day and every day or perhaps only once a day." - The schedule is posted on Kathy's site - at least for the last time. Generally speaking as I cannot say for sure what the schedule will be like in Oct. it's a early morning walk (a special moving walk in conjunction with your qi that is a skill learned from Master Wang) and then breakfast and then a 2hr approx AM session - then lunch and a little more time for rest and personal time - then the afternoon session for approx 2hrs - then dinner - there is usually a evening session whereby we are working with the energy of the tree's and at night there are special techniques that utilized/taught from the master that I will not go into detail at this time. Your busy to say the least but it's spaced out in order to not over-tax the student. "And I wouldn't want to go there and not being able to understand what is said during lectures." I'm not sure what your primary language is but the translation for English was fine. "So, those are my points. Not the price. The price is basically something that has been discussed many times in the past years and is just a fact that one has to accept if one wants to participate in these seminars." - please....this price is a gift.
  6. This is without question a blessing. There is the saying - "price and quality" - whether a car or a pair shoes we all want the best price and hopefully with that - quality. This is beyond that. To be able to study with Master Wang in and of itself is stupendous; to be able to study with him; to be taught by him for the price given is almost ludicrous! We have here an about face with the usual very high cost of studying with high level masters. Mind you, yes, there have been and will more than likely continue to be seminars with Master Wang in the thousands of dollars (euros, etc) depending on who and where the seminar is taking place. Unfortunately these cannot be done away with completely although this may change in the future. It is because of the hard work and dedication of one of Master Wang's closest disciples/student - Kathy Li that this has been made a reality. I can tell you from personal experience that the teaching is genuine and of incredible value - that Master Wang is a great teacher with no "airs" about him and is willing to teach and assist those seeking the Path. Let's face it - between travel and lodging expenses, not to mention the time from work etc., the cost for these teachings can be very expensive! Kathy Li is aware of this and has made this available at an extremely reasonable cost - period. It just doesn't get any better than this. I've stayed @ the temple in Jinhua and quite frankly couldn't ask for a better environment than this area. The entire area is absolutely incredible! No pollution or distraction from the city - your in the mountains and within the confines of the temple but the surrounding area is blessed with a history that would take another post to relate. The food is good and the lodging is great (the beds are a tad hard If you have ever considered the right time to be able to study under a truly gifted and authentic master with an incredible lineage - this is the time. You will not find a better price than this - again thanks to Kathy Li etc., for keeping the main theme in mind which is to teach others about the many facets of the Tao and not to just seek a profit.
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