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  1. New Age Bunnies

    My good men, I must depateth, mine own manservant is creating mischief in the scullery and I must hunt the pheasant in the morn. Bid thee fairly well, I will returneth forthwith... well not so forthwith, but fairly forthwith. The wisdom I have received this eve doth make my heart sing, we shall have a feast in celebration when circumstances permit. Adios Amigo's (I picked that up from my friend, the King of Spain)
  2. New Age Bunnies

    Speaketh you of a vegetable from the new world? Mine own favorite hue is of course gold! Gold! Gold! Once I receiveth my pestle and mortar from the haberdashery there shall be no barrier to my riches or selections of fine hats for that matter. Wot know you of the Chinese Alchemy from the east? Doth the Oriental truly know the secrets of producing the elixir?
  3. New Age Bunnies

    Sensual pleasure you say, I have much experience in such matters. My good friend the Marquis de sade took many a wench to his boudoir, yet I do not think he implemented bunnies in his spiritual practice, and neither did he receive the elixir. And where is this maiden of the mist waterfall you have experienced carnal relations with? Is she a succubus or sprite; did she impart the elixir to your good self?
  4. New Age Bunnies

    The cave, oh that cavern of shining brilliance. Guarded by the bunnies you say, wot know you of the riddle that will be presented to mine own self upon entrance? To which answer should be given? Know you, or know you not?
  5. Author Sam Harris on Buddhism

    Sir! Do you mean to imply that these Tibetan Buddhist you speak of have the heat of the elixir? Or that they can define the life force of peasants and nobility alike?
  6. New Age Bunnies

    My good man, can you tell me how bunnies doth help me gain the elixir? Is there some secret knowledge you wish to confess to your brethren? I have searched far and yonder, yet have still to meet such a wise man. It is the year of our lord 1763 yet I have still not found any sustenance; thine own heart doth pound at the prospect of the fulfillment. Speak ye of the gold!
  7. Hello all from Stately Manor!

    Wishing you all felicitations at this fine establishment! I am here to further study the means of producing gold from mine own base materials.