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  1. the Tao isn't taoist

    You like to abuse the report function often, don't you? Calling someone mr buddha repeatedly offends me. Reported. Edit: Oh and I know you reported me and got me suspended you little c***. Time to repay the favor. ~ Admin Edit ~ I edited the insult, above, to asterisks. I take such strong insults seriously. This member's history of denigrating posts, including recent infractions and suspension, has been reviewed by myself. Result: permanent BAN. regards, Trunk ~ /edit ~
  2. The Chat-Meetup Thread

    Going to be in chat for a bit. Added a few more idiots to my ignore list... come find out who on the next episode of THE DAYS OF OUR TAO
  3. edit timer?

    Class in session kids, take your seats, it's time for a lesson in free speech: 1) If free speech ended, there would be no posts period. If posts were allowed, the mods would edit them to say something else as a way to make sure you had no freedom of speech. 2) If someone says they're going to kill the president in an exercise of free speech, they wouldn't have 30 minutes to edit that, they would get a visit from men in black suits and tossed in jail. Same goes for a terrorist threat. (ie, NAJA threatening murder and getting banned on this forum for it) --- class ended --- I did a little poking around to find out how much this forum costs to keep it running and it ain't cheap. Be thankful you belong to a "private club" (meaning you have to sign up to post) that you don't have to pay a dime to come and go as you please. I'm done here. Carry on with the bickering. Goodbye.
  4. edit timer?

    Nothing to misunderstand. It's clear as day to me. Be consistent in your actions if you take a particular stance. The Way isn't ala carte.
  5. edit timer?

    Don't we all, my friend, don't we all.
  6. edit timer?

    Oh I agree, but it was geared toward zerostao and myth who believe we've lost "The Way" when in fact "The Way" was lost technically way before the edit timer was introduced. In case this isn't clear enough to anyone reading this: Meaning, they should have thrown a bigger fit when moderators were introduced because 'governing people' goes against "The Way." It just seems silly of them to now all of sudden care when it serves their interests.
  7. edit timer?

    Or think before you speak. I hear that does wonders.
  8. edit timer?

    It lost The Way long ago. Re-read the last paragraph of my previous post.
  9. edit timer?

    Go with the flow of changes. If one day nature decides to flood your house, do you ask it to change it back the way it was? If nature decides to create an environment that feels rigid to you, what do you do? Adapt. It's part of nature. If you wish to take this further I could even bring the Tao Te Ching into this and start citing cases (using verses) that say we shouldn't even have a governing body to begin with. No moderators. Allow the people to govern themselves.
  10. Unraveling Taoist Yoga

    Here are some basic questions to kick things off: What does it mean to 'fix the spirit in its original cavity'? What does generative force mean? What does vital breath mean? What does spiritual vitality mean?
  11. edit timer?

    Hexagram 99: You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  12. Cool. One last question, do you plan on selling GOT 1 - 3 as a set in the future? GOT Trilogy perhaps? Heh Maybe even as a discount for fellow Bums.
  13. Long-term kunlun practitioners?

    Certain members of this board should practice this. Send me that book fool! or give it back to joeblast so he can send it to me.
  14. Feature Request: Hide Topic

    I'm sick of the freedom of speech term being thrown around so loosely too. And how people hide behind their opinions and try to pass them off as expression. You know, Hitler had an opinion about the Jews. Just saying. If I let someone in my house and they start hating on homosexuals, jews, african americans, I don't have to listen to it, I have the right to throw this person out of my house right? Or should they cry FREEDOM OF SPEECH and allow them to infect my space? Don't think so. Just like you (the people of this forum) have the right to freedom of speech, I should have the right to not want to see it, thus hiding threads is a good option.