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    I need some input about what is going on with me. I'm not sure if its chi or OK to be happening or what's going on. I'm researching all sorts of info but need some reassurance. I feel waves of electricity on my skin. Its not hot or uncomfortable. It starts on my back about 6 inches from the top on both sides. Once it starts flowing it appears from all over my body. My legs, entire back, neck, side of my face, and top of my head. It happens in waves that reminds me of the ocean. How they come in and then leave. The intensity starts low then peaks for 5 seconds and slowly tapers off. Then the next wave. The electric feeling is very dense almost like I'm wearing a body suit or a cap. It feels like fine sand particles rushing over my skin. I can do this without mental strain or effort. Is this chi? Is is bad to do? I've read about kundalini messing people up. I'm not practicing any form of meditation or have any goals yet. I've studied chakras when I was 14 but that's it. I got into chakra work because I was paralyzed once watching king Kong in black and white sitting up. I thought I was being possessed or something. Went online and learned about astral projection. After some work I had an obe. I'm sure I could do it anytime now but the paralysis scares the living crap out of me. Finally after many years I don't get paralyzed when going to bed. I don't care to ever go through that again. The vibration to have an obe is not the same feeling I'm having now. This feeling is the same though when I was working on opening chakras. I've always wondered and felt there must be some purpose of this energy. I have yet to find one despite the fact I walk around many times a day with it happening. When it does happen I just enjoy the moment and let it happen. Now I'm looking into qigong, yoga, Buddhism, whatever I come across to try to find out what is this. What am suppose to do with it. Any experience folk here can help me find the answers, a starting reference point?