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  1. hello, I have another question regarding falun gong. I just started practicing a couple of months ago and so far i'm really impressed with the results i have. This is by the way the first system i practice and first practice of chi gong in general. Aside from the controversial parts like the somewhat "crazy" beliefs and cult like following for Li Hongzhi, it's more something else i'd like some info about that has'nt been covered so much here aside from a couple of posts. So i'm most curious about this falun that is being placed or grows in your dantien. I don't really know what to make of it. Don't want to believe with without critical thinking and i also don't want to reject it right away because it's not familiar to my belief system. But i do have the thought i maybe should be careful with letting an interdimensional alien or something growing in my belly Also i read here somewhere this is a malevolent entity, so if there are people out here who know more about this stuff your information or viewpoints would much apreciated. greets
  2. hello, my name is...

    hi, my name is Simon, i just discovered this forum yesterday and felt this was like an interesting place, so i decided to register I'm 21 years and live in Belgium. Always have been kinda interested in philosophy and spirituality since i was a kid, but i just started to acknowledge this part of myself more since a couple of months so to say. Other interests are all kinds of music, reading books and languages. Actually a lot more but i'm not so much of a talker. So if people want to know something just ask much greets, Simon