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  1. David Icke. What do you think?

    Does anyone know any of any good Taoist forums? This one has finally lost all credibility.
  2. the Early Heaven and the Ancient Egyptians

    I couldn't agree with this more. I feel the same about most paganism too. I imagine the big book burnings that have taken place over the years have really helped hammer the nail into the coffin of these ancient arts. In fact most of the Western systems - such as Kabbalah, Alchemy or Freemasonry - just confuse me. I think it's partly been due to the need to suppress beliefs from the reach of the church over the years. In the West we also like to intellectualise everything. Obviously that's the path for some people, I'm just not smart or patient enough. Mind you, I'd love to see what the Vatican have in their archives.
  3. Jogging

    It sounds really interesting. Do you know any good resources on Chi running?
  4. Jogging

    So you're suggesting running first, then Qigong? It's really just to get a bit of fresh air in the morning. Get the heart and lungs going. Get outside in the early hours I guess.
  5. Jogging

    Hi Ya Mu, forgive my ignorance but what is SM running qigong? Is it mentioned in your book? I'd like to buy a copy but I'm an old school book reader so I'm waiting for the next edition.
  6. Jogging

    I'm thinking of adding some small runs back into my routine. At the moment I'm getting up early and doing 1hr - 2hrs Qigong. Would people recommend I run before of after my morning Qigong session?
  7. There is a wider discussion here. I appreciate that you don't want to go down that road. So I'll leave it there. Potentially and interesting topic though.
  8. Can you view the question from the perspective of someone with different responsibilities to your own? What if you had a wife and children to feed, rent and taxes to pay? Have a think about the wider picture.
  9. Visited by translucent beings

    Have you ever heard of the Babylonian fish people? Apparently the Babylonians claimed that they got all their knowledge from beings who lived in the sea. They would come to the surface and teach them during the day and at night go back to the ocean. This went on for a long period until eventually there was a huge flood and the creatures disappeared forever. From then on the head priest / scholar would wear a hat shaped like a fishes mouth in honour of them. This then evolved into the Pope's mitre that we know today. I believe the Dogons (an ancient African tribe) have a similar story. So you can take some solace in the fact that you're not the only one to be visited by creatures from the deep. I can only find really flaky links to support (do a google search) but you can hear scholars from Cambridge and the British Museum discussing the fish god this and many other aspects of the Babylonians here...
  10. "Bangladesh Rampage"

    If you're going to cut and paste news stories, may I suggest that you: 1) Quote your source and 2) Make clear which words are your own and which are the words of others
  11. If everyone was apathetic then no one would be trying to fix the world and the people in it. This would not be a bad thing.
  12. The urge to put people in their place

    As far as I understand, moral judgements are not in accordance with the Dao. Because the yardstick of what is right and wrong is constantly changing it is very difficult to define immoral behaviour. Things that are acceptable in our lifetime, for example sex before marriage or pregnancy out of wedlock, would have been frowned upon even 100 years ago. Or take homosexuality, it was acceptable in the Hellenistic period, then it became a taboo as Abrahamic religion swept the region up until today where it's increasingly an acceptable part of our society. However... it i is still punishable by death in many countries today. Similarly things that are deemed as wrong now were part of everyday life back in the day, such as public hangings, bearbating and slavery. But back to 2012 and our notion of what is wrong and right. Vegetarianism is an interesting one. I believe it's right for me but if I judge others for eating meat I'm actually judging myself. Why? Well, what about the microbes in my food? The insects (and sometimes other creatures) who die when I drive down the motorway or the snails I unwittingly kill when I prune the laurel. To live is to kill and destroy. I heard a great saying the other day. I think it's a Yorkshire saying which is a country in Northern England known partly for it's simple and down to earth people: "Those who matter don't mind and the who mind don't matter"
  13. Refining Qi to Shen

    This book arrived today. It looks great very nicely printed and easy to read. Really looking forward to getting into this.
  14. How to balance Fire Element?

    . Thanks that's really good advice.