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  1. Taoist in Cebu City

    Hi, greetings from a fellow cebuano It's great knowing that Cebu has practitioners. I'd be more than happy to do a get-to-meet-each-other type deal, but unfortunately I'm in the states. Anyway, I'm fairly new to the practice, but I've done some reading on this stuff. How is qi gong, tai chi, etc., viewed in Cebu? Is it something a lot of people practice over there?
  2. Beginner

    Hello there, I've come across this great forum community after doing google searches about meditation and such. I picked up interest on this a year or so back when I saw the infamous youtube video of a master dubbed only as "Mr. Daynamo Jack." I was really impressed with the super human abilities he acquired through meditation and cultivation of yin and yang chi, and how he said anyone can achieve this. What intrigued me as well was when he said mastery of yin chi will open doors to the spiritual realm. I assumed part of it is the ability to astral project, remote viewing, etc.. I'm not sure lucid dreaming falls into that category, but it is something I can do... Anyway, I'm not sure where all that talking is going, but I'm looking for a guide for a beginner. Something like, how to meditate, how to prepare for cultivating chi, how to cultivate chi, the chi map of the body, etc.. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone points me to the right direction P.S. I've ordered books off amazon: The Magus of Java, and Daoist Nei Gong. Not sure what to expect. Thanks.