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  1. Thoughts on UG Krishnamurti

    I think its a pointer what you said there. "What thought doesn't separate?" I think it points you in a direction. From what I understand (i will use my own experience as an example here): Thought or thinking is a separation of "what is" or "the now moment". It fragments "what is" into concepts which are based on the past (based on my past conditioning). This becomes very apparent to me for example if I watch myself meet someone for the first time, there is this looking phase of no thought, just observing for a second or two... and then thought sets in and begins doing its work (this person is quite tall, look at those nice eyes, what funny face this one has etc...) and I feel myself removed from the moment. Same thing when looking at a new car etc... No thought... then thoughts come in. Another way you can notice this shift (or fragmentation of now); Become present, go into the now moment (very little to no thought, dont create a mental idea of this, just slow down, breath, become aware, look without thinking). Then after remaining there for a few moments, start thinking about something and watch as the now begins to slip away. Then start thinking deeply about something (a problem you have, something you really have to do and dont know how to do it) and watch and see your awareness of "the now" diminish or disappear. Thought to me appears to fragment "the now" until I have little or no touch with it. From observing myself and my family and friends I've realised I/we are trapped in thought (our own conditioning). I think people like Krishnamurti and many others are pointing us in a different direction, away from the obsessive(or compulsive) use of thought. cheers, B
  2. Thoughts on UG Krishnamurti

    He seems to run down "other important figures" not because he wants to compete with them but rather he knows you are the only authority(I see for myself what the world is) of yourself and for you to give away that authority to another is irresponsible. "When he teaches", he likes to take you with him to explore. Exploring with him requires clear thinking. Many times I find myself re-reading/listening/watching pieces of he's stuff to follow what is being said. Here is a good interview, it was the first one a friend refered me to:
  3. Thoughts on UG Krishnamurti

    I can recommend some good interviews of he's that will really get you thinking and seeing things differently.
  4. Cheese

    HI BOYS AND GIRLS, I've been very impressed about the ongoing discussions of semen retention here, so I decided to join to share on the subject. I've been retaining for quite some time now, let me check, yep 2 hours and 35 minutes and I can tell you I've noticed a difference already! HAHA that is a joke should you not have gotten it. On a more serious note I have been pondering something that touches very deep near my heart and thats the feeling of connectedness with everything and everyone (more often now). When I see someone else now, often I see myself. And it's nice because I had wondered how I would move past judging ppl, and I think this is the way, for me. So, ok, enough of this, let me post on the regular forums to start the sharing. Best ! B