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  1. Flying Phoenix UK Workshops with Terry Dunn

    Hi Jeramiah, Please put my name down as interested and let's hope I can find the money. I'm currently unemployed but rebuilding my health through Flying Phoenix chi kung and hopefully 27 hours will seem less daunting as I get stronger. I'm amazed how much I've progressed already. Robert P.S Is this response all the info you need?
  2. Hello from Hastings, UK.

    Hi everyone, Robert here from Hastings, UK. Been a long time reader of the forums and came across the Flying Phoenix chi kung system through this board. Been practising for about 4 months and things are starting to get interesting. Little did I know how out, of any sort, of condition I had become but things are gradually getting easier. Been a long term spiritual seeker moving from Andrew Cohen (rather quickly) through some lesser known but more honest teachers not allied with any schools and am currently starting to move into what feels like a more mature and less enamoured approach to spiritual matters as I start to feel a deepening stillness in the body which seems to be bringing me back to my senses. Hope to chat more with some of you, though I find expressing myself clearly in writing almost impossibly difficult some days, for some unexplainable reason. Glad to be here, Robert