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  1. Greetings

    yeah, that's the easy/obvious part... i wanted to know the specifics of why he- and of course only he- knows (not knowing maybe? hehe)
  2. Greetings

    what do you mean by that? just wondering...
  3. there is so much to do with psychology. i recently read From Tao to Psychology by julian laboy, who is a member here, and i was shocked to know how diverse can Psychology be... Social psychology alone has a bunch of perspectives! even more, just one type of theory has a bunch of viewpoints... social constructionism, constructionism, constructivism, among others... what i am saying is that a career in psychology sounds interesting and because of the book, i know that one can complement studying it and practicing taoism... pretty neat
  4. i agree with julianlaboy... as he said, its very paradoxical... that's because of language barriers... we think we are speaking of the same "thing" when thinking about "Taoists" but if we begin to question one another what "it" is, then disagreements may or will arise... and julianlaboy, i read your book From Tao to Psychology! it was really nice! i am experienced in these topics and i was unsure if i wanted it because it is called "an introduction" but i went for it because i wanted to read the part of psychology... i wasn't disappointed and i learned a lot! thank you for that!
  5. Young Girl knowing some Tao

    I read From Tao to Psychology! That book also became one of my favorites instantly! Plus he uses as references other books that I really like. I would recommend the translation for the Dao de Jing that he uses, the one by Roger Ames and David Hall.
  6. Hi to everyone

    Hello! My name is Ben and it is nice to meet you! I am really looking forward to share some thoughts!