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  1. 1. How do I know I am training in iron body correctly? Forget about using that line of seeking out professional instruction as each instructor has their own style of training but also most instructors are too far away, and plus I already have a system from Chris Lomas. My concern is long term...I want to be sure I am doing it right otherwise I hear you can get deformities, whole body inflammation and other damage. I still ejaculate once a week too. 2. Do I really need a dat da jow? In Chris Lomas's training vids he doesn't mention anything about dit da jow unless your practicing iron palm. 3. My muscles do feel sore from time to time. I only have had 45 training sessions so far, and so far I only bruised once. No significant pain that I can tell. I can touch areas of my body that were trained and it doesn't hurt so hopefully thats a good sign that I'm not hitting too hard. But sometimes I feel a deeper sensation in the muscle of minor pain(1, for a 10 point pain scale, where 10 is most painful). Is this normal?
  2. Where do I buy an iron body beater?
  3. Using Qi to fight evil entities

    This is exactly what I am reading and practicing now and thats what has lead me to start this topic lol. I was watching some shows on syfy like paranormal witness and those entities are just way too powerful when you see what they can do. They just aren't your normal ghosts.
  4. Anyone ever use Qi to fight evil spirits or know of someone that has? Its an area I would like to know more about.
  5. I am doing some stillness movement qigong, cross legged, focusing on dantien letting movements happen. I dont know how science can explain the heat generated by doing qi meditations. I am sitting in one spot, and all I am doing is just focusing on my dantien, and I feel this heat all over my body, the more harder I concentrate the more heat is felt, I am relaxed. Its not like I am running getting my heart rate going and trying to sweat yet I still generate heat. Science has no explanation for this, I am not even thinking about getting my body hot, I am merely just focusing on my dan tien thats all. I find it quite interesting. Before I was using another qigong system where you just take full deep breaths and I figured it was the full deep breaths that were working my muscles and causing my body to heat but with stillness movement qigong you dont take those full deep breaths like other systems and you still generate heat, something science cant explain.
  6. Are there going to be any future workshops in the USA so we can get this energetic transfer or awakening? I am practicing from the book but I can only go so far I feel. I also didn't want to spend all that money to go overseas for the next workshop.
  7. Someone made the claim of 100 day semen retiontion for building a 100% iron body, but also assuming you do everything else your supposed to. But can the body really pick up iron body to the max extent in that quick a period of time?
  8. I'm a little bit confused I am reading the book from Michael Lomax, what kind of stillness movements happen when your doing the meditation? Or should that question be answered because once I know, my subconcious self will try to acheive those. I guess what im really trying to ask is...if random movements occur in stillness movement, then does that mean its ok to uncross my legs to achieve that movement or is it ok to remove my hands from the dan tien? So far the only movements I've had are my head rotating.
  9. I have a high cholesterol and triglycerides and to sum up...this is a problem with the liver packaging these particles and hence a genetic defect. Are there any qigong neigong exercises to fix my liver imbalance or to solve my cholesterol issues?
  10. I did a search on the internet and couldn't find another nei kung system with 72 levels but I found an old thread on here claiming 72 levels in a different kind of Nei Kung. And if there is another system with 72 levels....what do the lower levels vs the higher levels mean for that system?
  11. I should also mention I ejaculated but I waited 24 hours after ejaculation before doing the chi ball meditation.
  12. When i first started doing the chi ball...I could feel this dense energy really dense. This was the chi ball meditation. This was my first experience with qigong. Then I dived further into it. I stopped doing chi ball meditation and trained in dan tien energy cultivation meditation and other qigong exercises. Now I go back to work on chi ball meditation just to see where I am at...and I just could not get it out in my hands despite all this training I've had. There just wasn't any density to it!
  13. I'm going to buy some good dvds for these iron arts but I think if theres an instructor in Georgia or around this state I'll do the drive. Anyone know of anyone?