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  1. Self Taught Neigong?

    Concurred. The Healing Promise of Qi is an exceptional book.
  2. IME thats not uncommon. VERY handy on a cold winters day. One word of warning, spoken only from my experience if you dont mind, be careful with hot energy. I hurt myself very badly using WAY too much hot energy once and it took years to get back on track. Be. Careful.(Or at least smarter than a younger me.) Other than that, have fun.
  3. These claims srike me more as "selling points" of the book, not end results of a system. Dont be too disappointed, there are as many roads to freedom as there are free people.
  4. HI! Silly question here im sure, but are there any contraindications between using an Eastern cultivation method such as any form of Qi gong or Kundalini meditation and beginning the practice of IIH? Im not sure if cross cultural stuff is "safe" but I see the similarities and am wondering if anyone has a large amount of experience. Advice needed before wackiness ensues.
  5. I may have created a Tulpa...

    Well, if you do it again, maybe send "her" out to find a real world version of "her" and introduce the two of you?
  6. Runes and Sigil Magick

    Oh, I was just wondering if since the Runes are easier to consciously recognize if that would sabotage the casting, but the style of casting is pretty different I guess so, probably a moot point.
  7. Runes and Sigil Magick

    Yep. It was really just a random thought though. Is chaos magick Abrahamic? I had thought it a bit more individualized than that, but then, that's chaos for you.
  8. Runes and Sigil Magick

    Interesting. Is that Sigil specific to the user only or are there universal Sigils, so to speak?
  9. Starting this separate from the Sigil thread because it involves more than strictly the Runes. Random question/thought. Since Runes already have deep meaning attached to them,would it be appropriate to use them in Sigil Magick? Im guessing the'yre not due to the need for Sigil Magick to harness the subconscious/unconscious mind but the Runes in some ways have direct connections to the Universal Unconscious(or so it appears). Thoughts?
  10. Okay super weird question here about jing

    I must have missed that. Apologies. I'm not referring to vampire fans. I mean the lore of beings/people who remove/transmit energy through fluids, flesh or direct energy exchange. Theres more info in this version of lore in cultural anthropologic catalogs and in cultural legends than in twihard/uber-goth literature. Regardless of your comfort level its still a pretty personal issue for many people and ive known no small amount of women who have recieved harassment both petty and staggering over honest commentary much more mild than this over the net from complete tools who just happened to read a post. IME most people would want to avoid even the chance of that. However, as a straight male im not going to debate possible womens views any further since that usually just leads to inaccuracies and unintended rudeness, and this is just my opinion after all. Although, just to play Devils Advocate :
  11. Okay super weird question here about jing

    I feel that this thread is a seriously flawed and potentially inappropriate/just plain creepy(IMO) topic for multiple reasons. Just two off the top of my head: 1) No science is sited yet "enzymes" referenced. This smacks heavily of poorly constructed pseudo science. No offense. 2) You cant ask this and ignore any view other than that of hetero male-centric sex. Why not ask about secretions in homosexual or lesbian relationships? And why is only Jing wondered about? Qi is said to be also found in blood, urine and stool. Yet no one asks about methods of reabsorbing those. Yet there is vampiric lore about those substances and their life force properties equal to or in excess of semen stories in many cultures. 3) This thread is just begging for major perving and posing to explode(giggity) IMO/E not that many women will want to discuss this on the internet with strangers. I cannot speak for women of course but consider the reaction you would likely get if you walked up to a stranger on the street and asked this question. If you really want the answer to this on the internet much more decorum would be required. As respectfully as possible; my two cents.
  12. It would be cool...

    Good idea.
  13. Xtiantidetime Inyourfacetime

    None of this is accurate. Please reference your sources. In MLA format. Triplicate.
  14. Corrupt a Wish.

    Granted but you are now obsessed with mouse wrangling I wish for peace on Earth
  15. I humbly request to be bestowed with a PPF please.